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15 Bizarre Religions Around The World

Religion can be essentially viewed as an effort made by a group of people to comprehend existential issues through a set of cultural practices unique to that community. These behaviors occasionally might not seem to fit what we often expect from a “religion.” However, they are successful in doing what is required of a religion—bringing people together over a shared belief. All religions must, however, abide by one requirement. They cannot interfere with other people’s life.

The following is a description of a few strange faiths.


In the late 1970s, a Black Muslim organization in New York founded this religion. Black Muslims, indeed. They have undergone numerous adjustments since then.

The organization’s main office has been in Putnam County, Georgia. In 1993, they moved in, but they’ve since left the house. Their founder, Dwight York, is still incarcerated after being found guilty of money laundering and child molestation.

However, the religion continues. According to one religious story, white people were formed as a race of assassins to serve as an army of slaves for black people. Nuwaubianism adherents hold the view that men were genetically created after many generations of women.


This religion, which was started in the US as a social protest in late 2005, holds the Flying Spaghetti Monster to be real. They hold the notion that a paranormal agent created the earth about 5,000 years ago. Oh, and while under the influence of booze, he created the world.

The social movement advocates a humorous approach to religion. They do, however, revere the Flying Spaghetti Monster. You could say that for them, eating is a form of worship.

The religion is officially recognized in New Zealand and the Netherlands. Weddings may be celebrated in these nations by Pastafarianism representatives. The first marriage sanctioned by law took place in April 2016.

What if everyone dressed like their preferred pasta shape and dish? What a sight, right?

Prince Philip Movement

The world is greatly influenced by Prince Philip. But he has even more of an impact on a select number of individuals in the Yaohnanen region of the Tanna state of Vanuatu.

They hold the view that a son of an earth spirit journeyed far and wide to wed a strong woman. Eventually, this man would come back to the island.

Their mythology holds that he is Queen Elizabeth’s husband. Every year on June 10 they have a religious event to honor his birthday.


Some individuals revere God and his virtues. Others revere Satan. There is a religion that does indeed worship Satan.

Some authorities claim that spiritualists are those who worship Satan. Satan is a real divinity to them. You can even include atheists in this religion if you think of Satan as a representation of the crisis of faith.

Satan is revered by those who believe that individualism and free will are in peril. This religion’s various sects and branches commit crimes. For instance, between 1998 and 2004, the Beasts of Satan killed people in Italy.

In the 1960s, the Order of Nine Angels endorsed human sacrifice. In 1966, the Church of Satan was founded.

Church of Euthanasia

The adherents of this church are committed to fighting the negative effects of population expansion. “Thou shalt not procreate” is the only commandment that the church recognizes.

They identify themselves with phrases like “Save the Planet, Kill Yourself,” and “Eat a Queer Fetus for Jesus.” But they don’t think that killings happen. They contend that people should murder themselves out of free will.

Iglesia Maradoniana

Fans of athletes can be found all around the world. Additionally, some athletes have cults and religions that follow them. Ever hear the phrase “Sport is my Religion”? That is true for some folks, I suppose. Diego Maradona’s 38th birthday, on October 30, 1998, marked the beginning of the religion.

Banana Cult

You must believe that we went too far, don’t you? There are, in fact, adherents of the banana cult. Sex and religion have something in common. Together, these two have improved agricultural fertility.

The importance of religion and sex is considerably greater for a religious leader in Papua New Guinea. This religious leader assures followers that having sex in public will improve the banana crop. Bananas are phallic fruits after all.

Presleyterian Church

We had food, athletes, and a few extraterrestrial beings. Now let’s talk about some famous people. Elvis Presley is known to all as the “King of Rock.” He has been known as St. Elvis since 1992.

This religion requires its adherents to “look towards Las Vegas once a day and make a pilgrimage to Graceland at least once in their lives.”

Additionally, the church has 31 prohibitions that pertain to the goods he ingested, such as El Producto cigars, Pepsi, bacon, and peanut butter.


Several people adore the Star Wars films. They are some of the most watched movies ever. However, some people go much further in their love. The Star Wars saga by George Lucas served as an inspiration for this contemporary religion.

They were established in 2001, and they worship the Force. They hold a belief in the universe’s fundamental inherent energy. These folks consider the Force to be a form of God.

They also have a website of their own. The Temple of the Jedi Order is located in Texas, however the religion lacks a centralized administration. The “16 Teachings of the Jedi” code was published by this temple for adherents.

The Bullet Baba’s Motorbike

A spiritual movement will bring the list of weird religions to a close. One could argue that this is not a religion. It certainly qualifies as odd enough to be on our list.

The village of Chotila in Rajasthan is home to the movement’s adherents. On National Highway-65, a shrine has been built in honor of the motorcycle and its deceased owner, Om Banna.

A picture of Om Banna and a Royal Enfield 350 cc motorcycle serve as the shrine’s deities. He is referred to as Bullet Baba. He passed away there, in a car accident.

Why do they think it has supernatural abilities? Because the motorcycle resurfaced at the scene of the accident the day after the police took it into custody.

Nowadays, people go to the concrete pedestal where the motorbike is draped in sacramental threads and garlands.

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