19 Facts About Your Dog We Bet You Didn’t Know

August 17, 2022

1. Fashionable collars

Now used to add certain esthetic to your dog’s appearance, spiked collars were initially been worn in Ancient Greece to protect dogs’ necks against attacks by dangerous wild animals, typically wolves.

2. Dogs have been around much longer than you think

Experts believe the most ancient canine existed approximately 31,700 years ago. The first dog was most likely resembled a huge Siberian Husky!

3. More than half of all dogs are unfortunately strays

There are about 600 million dogs in the world today, yet a huge number of them are strays. It’s believed that the number of stray canines is over 400 million.

4. Dogs are cautious even while sleeping

The majority of dogs sleep curled up in a ball. But what exactly does that mean? Dogs do this because it allows them to keep themselves warm and preserve their vital organs when they are asleep and are unaware of their environment.

5. Separation anxiety

Separation anxiety is a typical concern for dog owners, causing a variety of issues. When you leave your dog alone, he or she may cry a lot, bark, or even destroy items. An effective approach is offering your dog an old garment so they can smell and relax.

6. Dogs can smell cancer

Dogs can be trained to detect cancer because of their strong sense of smell. Cancer cells generate different waste products of metabolism than healthy cells. So the dog can detect cancer simply by smelling your breath.

7. Wet nose means healthy dog

All healthy dogs have  very wet noses. But have you ever wondered why is that? According to studies, dogs’ noses are moist in order to assist them to absorb scent molecules.

8. They always know how you feel

Dogs, it appears, can comprehend how you feel by smelling you. That is correct! Dogs can smell 100,000 times better than humans. Therefore, they can tell when you’re terrified because you start sweating, and they can smell it.

9. Dogs in metro

Here’s an odd statistic regarding stray dogs in Russia. Being a stray is extremely difficult and hazardous. You must forage for your own food and water. But what if your location doesn’t have any of them? Russian stray dogs learned to use the subway to get to other areas where they might find food.

10. Almost all US presidents had a dog – and for a reason

Dogs make excellent pets for those looking for companionship and a dependable companion. That was the intention of the majority of all US presidents, as more than half of them had a dog.

11. Neutered dogs live longer

According to several studies, dogs that have been neutered have longer lives than those who have not.

12. Badgers Fighters

There is a breed that was created specifically to battle badgers. However, no one believed that these small hot dogs could fight anything. Dachshunds were the breed in question.

13. Saluki dog breed

Saluki is a canine breed that is thought to be one of the world’s oldest. It appears to have been quite popular in ancient Egypt, since it has been found in Egyptian tombs since 2100 B.C.

14. Petting a dog does you favor also

Petting a dog may bring comfort, calm you, and make you feel happy. The explanation behind this is that touching and looking into a dog’s eyes causes the brain to produce the love hormone oxytocin. What’s more astonishing is that not just your brain, but also the dog’s, produces this hormone.

15. Who cleans after guide dogs?

Here’s an unusual but quite acceptable question. Who cleans up after the guide dogs? These dogs have been trained to perform their “business” when given the command. The majority of them understand the orders “go time” and “get busy.”

16. Most pet dogs live in US

According to some studies, the country with the most dog owners in the world appears to be the United States. There are around 75.8 million pet dogs in the country.

17. Dogs get jealous

Dogs, like two-year-olds, feel threatened when you show affection to someone other than them. They get quite envious and may become furious at you or try anything to attract your attention!

18. Some dogs are as smart as humans

Yes! Dogs are extremely intelligent. A dog, in particular, is as intelligent as a two-year-old child. That’s why kids their age and dogs appear to spend a lot of time together. They may sense a bond between them.

19. They have a great sense of time

Dogs appear to have a keen sense of time. They can tell how much time has gone and the difference between the hours. As a consequence, if you take them out at the same time every day, they will be able to tell when it is time for their walk. Next, you’ll discover something surprising about your cherished pet.

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