20 Smart Car Hacks! Genius Hacks That Will Change Your Life

July 28, 2022

You probably spend a lot of time in your vehicle, whether you go to work every day or simply do errands. Although you may think you know your car through and out, there are undoubtedly a few clever tips you were not aware of that may greatly improve a significant chunk of your driving experience.

Here are some genius tips that will certainly simplify your life on the road, from preventing your mirror from freezing in the winter to preventing your hot pizza from slipping over the seat to even expanding the range of your key fob. Check out these straightforward, brilliant, and uncommon driving tips that actual drivers have learned and which you won’t find in the vehicle handbook


Fix Car Dents

Dents are unavoidable, and having them fixed at a car body shop can become rather expensive. Furthermore, the majority of dent incidents are not self-inflicted; they may occur for a variety of causes, such as being hit by another car or a motorist opening a car door too forcefully.

To get rid of all those dings that are of average size, try grabbing a plunger. Put the plunger to work after first sprinkling some hot water over the dented area. As firmly as you can, push in and pull out, repeating the action until the dent is no longer visible.

Fix Your Wipers!

During very freezing conditions, windshield wipers tend to adhere to the windshield. Given the importance of windshield wipers during winter travel, this may be devastating. Avoid this situation by covering your shoes with socks to protect them from severe weather conditions.

It is advisable to keep a pair of long socks in the glove box and only remove them when required. Put them on the windshield wipers overnight if a storm is approaching from the neighboring direction so you may avoid the hassle in the morning.


Avoid Small Garage Accidents By Using a Pool Noodle

Garages are not generally constructed with excessive side space. This essentially implies that when you open the door, you are never really aware of how much space is on the left or right. Once you’ve parked and scratched the door, you discover how close you were to the wall.

Simply tie a pool noodle to either side of the garage to prevent unsightly dents and scrapes. When it’s time to open the doors, the pool noodle will prevent them from slamming against the cement siding, thus preventing costly repairs and saving you a trip to the mechanic.


No More Frozen Mirrors!

During the winter months, ice removal may be quite time-consuming. When you’re in a hurry to leave the house, it might add a substantial amount of time to your trip time. In addition, not everyone remembers to get up early and turn on the defrosters. There is a remedy for individuals who do not have a remote-starting car.

To completely eliminate frozen sideview mirrors, place a Ziploc bag over them the night before you anticipate an overnight freeze. Use either a rubber band or a piece of tape that will not tear the paint to secure the bags. It will be very difficult for water and freezing temperatures to penetrate.

Do Not Move The Pizza

While we’re on the topic of maintaining ideal conditions for your hot meal, here’s another gem. There’s nothing quite like picking up a fresh pizza and savoring its delicious scent while counting down the minutes till you get home. Suddenly, though, your simple right turn sends the box flying.

Simply placing a bottle beneath the box will prevent the cheese from sticking to the cardboard and your supper from becoming a Picasso. Given that the chairs are already unequal, this should level the pizza box while it sits comfortably until you’re ready to eat.

Car Washing!

This one will save you from having to take your vehicle to a car wash the next time a careless pigeon presents you with an unpleasant surprise. You may wash your vehicle in the convenience of your own driveway, without enduring the backaches associated with a sponge and bucket.

Simply remove the top of a hose, add some dish soap (many use Dawn), and then put the top back on. Then, spray your vehicle with the soap and water solution to create suds. Then, after the soap is gone, rinse your vehicle. So simple and effective!


Check Your Cars Tire Pressure!

At least once each month, you should check the tire pressure. First and foremost, ensure that you use the same gauge as the previous month so that you may be confident in the accuracy of your readings.

One more piece of advice you should remember? Check the tire pressure first thing in the morning, before to traveling for the day. If you discover that your tires are deflated, give your wheels a little more care and air them up.

Take Your Time Filling up Your Car

Upon refueling their vehicle, everyone wants to get in and out of the gas station as quickly as possible, which is absolutely reasonable. However, you may want to pay attention to this one, since pumping gas too rapidly might be detrimental to your vehicle.

Make an effort to get used to pumping gas at half the typical pace. Additionally, while pushing down on the handle, avoid tensing your grasp. If this procedure is executed properly, the outcome will be less air and more gas in the tank, as well as fewer visits to the gas station.

A Car Seat Can Keep Your Food Warm

When we don’t feel like cooking, ordering takeout never sounds like a horrible idea. However, what happens if traffic backs up while you’re acting as your own delivery person, and the dinner is cold by the time you get home? You may get several frowns in lieu of gratitude.

If your vehicle is equipped with seat warmers, this will save your supper. Empty the chairs with warmers and set the meal right on the cushion. Start the heat and maintain it during the whole trip home to guarantee that your food remains at the appropriate temperature.

Make That Key Fob Range Move Further

We’ve all been in the difficult position of exiting a business onto a vast parking lot with hundreds of other cars. You just cannot recall where you parked your vehicle. You repeatedly press the fob on your car keys and listen intently for indications of life from your vehicle, but you hear nothing.

This method cannot help you remember where you parked, but it can improve the effectiveness of the key fob trick. By placing the key fob under your chin and hitting the buttons in this manner, your body may aid in the extension of its signals. Try this next time, and you’ll be able to thank us afterwards.

Soak Up Your Car

During the winter months, several locations are covered with snow. To make the roads more navigable, snowplows will surely spread salt on the road, melting the white powder. However, do you know what else will melt when exposed to salt? Your car’s bodywork.

While your vehicle may be able to withstand hard winters, the salt might diminish its appearance. When driving on salty roads in the future, combine water and vinegar and sprinkle it beneath your car. The salt will dissolve, and your vehicle will not erode away from underneath you.


You Might Be Targeted

This car hack is more about observation than it is about optimizing the vehicle. If you’ve ever seen a water bottle resting on a parked car tire, you should take note. This may appear to be a joke, but it is actually a warning.

A bottle placed on the tire alerts drivers that they have been targeted. The bottle is designed to be smashed and produce a loud noise when the vehicle accelerates. The motorist will naturally stop and investigate the commotion, encouraging thieves to pounce. This car hack may save several motorists from becoming victims in hazardous scenarios.

Cupcake Liners For Cup Holders

Everything under the sun, including dust, crumbs, and wrappers, manages to accumulate in your car. The cup holders of the vehicle suffer the most damage. Due to their easy placement and the fact that they are often filled with food, it is difficult to keep these suckers clean.

Thank goodness cupcake holders have been designed. Place a paper cupcake liner in the cup holder, and as it becomes soiled, just replace it with a new one. This eliminates the need to spend additional time and effort cleaning the cup holders every week.

Don’t Pull Too Far Into The Garage

Don’t want to pull into the garage too far? Not knowing how much leftover space is available might be problematic. You don’t want to risk scraping your car on the garage’s inside. A tennis ball and a sturdy piece of thread come in help in this situation.

String a tennis ball and suspend the string from the ceiling. Ensure that the car never exceeds the point where the tennis ball lands in mid-air. Need to diagnose this scenario? Place the car where it should be, and then suspend the tennis ball from the string. Your car will be dropped down just where it needs to be.

Hand Sanitizer Has Other Uses

Especially in recent years, it’s probable that drivers have a bottle of hand sanitizer sitting about the front seat. In addition to the bottle you may already have at your vehicle, you should also have some in your home. This is especially crucial when temperatures drop below zero.

In very low weather, it is possible for the lock on your car door to freeze and get jammed. A little drop of the gel on the tip of the key is all that is required for it to slip effortlessly into the lock. Alcohol inside the hand sanitizer is what really breaks the ice, ensuring that you are not left out in the cold.

Nail Polish Can Help Repair Windshield Cracks.

More often than not, rocks flying about on the roadway manage to smash windshields left and right. Unfortunately, these little fractures may expand over time and become as huge as the windshield itself, making driving very hazardous.

Need some more time before opting to fix the windshield? Simply fill the crack with clear nail polish and allow it to dry thoroughly. This can keep part of the cracking at bay, preventing it from spreading further.

You Can Customize Your Car Mats

Car mats are quite helpful for preventing dirt, mud, food, and dust from accumulating on the floor of a vehicle. The fact is, the car mats that come with the vehicle will not endure forever, no matter how much you want them to.

Typically, this necessitates the purchase of more items at some time. Instead of spending an arm and a leg for new car mats, gather any carpet remnants that may be sitting around the home and trim them to suit the floor of the vehicle. Now you have mats that are ready for usage.

Put Some Laundry Baskets In The Trunk

Without our knowledge, things tend to accumulate in the trunk of our car. It may be difficult to keep the vehicle organized, and many people don’t make it a priority until they run out of space for their groceries. There is a simple and affordable solution.

Placing a few laundry baskets in the trunk may do wonders for organizing, keeping all of your belongings in one designated place. You may even consider purchasing a foldable laundry basket to save room when it is not in use.

Falling Through The Cracks

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When something falls between the crevices of your car, the awful realization sets in that it may never be found again. For instance, change always vanishes for years. Precious devices fall through the cracks, and only small hands can retrieve them.

Invest in pool noodles and squeeze them between these difficult-to-reach spaces to prevent items from falling through. If they are too long, just trim them to the appropriate length for the vehicle. Say farewell to missing goods in your vehicle.

Dryers Wipes Don’t Just Smell Great

Driving on the highway, particularly when there is considerable humidity in the air, may be quite damaging to the hood of a vehicle. Why is this the situation? It’s absurd that so many insects attach themselves to so many sections of the car. The bumper always receives the most damage.

Thankfully, dryer sheets can solve this specific difficulty. Take a dryer sheet and moisten it with warm water. Apply it to the affected regions and watch the insects fall off in seconds. Miniature scratching movements may be used to remove stubborn splinters.

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