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30 Interesting Facts About the Show FRIENDS That You Didn’t Know

Friends is one of the most well-known TV shows of all time. People all over the world have been struck by its awesomeness and have stayed loyal ever since. The only thing that makes it depressing is that Joey, Rachel, Ross, Phoebe, Monica, and Chandler aren’t actual people. These fun facts about the TV show, on the other hand, will take you down memory lane and cheer you up.

  • Matt LeBlanc had just eleven dollars when he auditioned for the part.

He bought himself a hot dinner with his first paycheck. Courteney Cox recently purchased a new vehicle.

  • Monica and Joey were expected to be the main love story before the show was cast.
  • Gunther didn’t get a name until the second season’s halfway point. He didn’t have a speaking role at first.The Rembrandts’ rendition of the theme song reached #1 on the American pop charts.
  • Viva Las Gaygas is the name of Chandler’s father’s gay Las Vegas burlesque show.
  • “Friends Like Us,” “Six of One,” “Across the Hall,” and “Insomnia Cafe” were among the other titles considered for the show.
30 Interesting Facts About the Show FRIENDS That You Didn't Know
  • Despite the fact that David Schwimmer plays her older brother on the show, Courteney Cox is actually older than him.
  • When Lisa Kudrow revealed her real-life pregnancy, she came up with the idea of Phoebe having her brother’s children.

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The costumers had to pad her to make her look bigger for the film because she wasn’t big enough to have triplets and the show was filmed in “TV time.”

  • Courteney Cox is the only regular cast member who has not been nominated for an Emmy for their work on the show.
  • The show’s original theme song was R.E.M.’s “Shiny Happy People,” but it was later changed to The Rembrandts’ “I’ll Be There For You.”
  • At least once during the course of the season, all six of the friends change jobs. Chandler, on the other hand, is the only one who has never quit his work involuntarily.
  • Chandler and Phoebe were initially supposed to be supporting characters.
  • With the exception of football, it had the most costly commercial slot of any TV program in England.

Its 30-second commercial spots in the final episode sold for about $1.8 million in the United Kingdom.

  • The show’s main characters are named after characters from All My Children (1970).

Ross for Ross Chandler, Joey for Joey Martin, Chandler for the Chandler family, Monica for Monique/Daisy Cortland, Rachel Greene for Janet Green, and Phoebe for Phoebe Tyler Wallingford.

30 Interesting Facts About the Show FRIENDS That You Didn't Know
  • The orange sofa from Central Perk was discovered in the Warner Bros. studio’s basement.
  • In 2008, it was ranked #7 on Empire magazine’s list of the 50 Greatest TV Shows of All Time.
  • Courteney Cox became pregnant in the last few months of filming Friends, but it was kept a secret.

Since Monica wasn’t supposed to be able to have a kid, they disguised her pregnancy by forcing her to wear baggy clothes when filming the show.

  • Friends’ second season is the only one in which no episode airs on Thanksgiving Day.
  • Frank Jr., Phoebe’s brother, makes a brief appearance in the first season.

He plays the boy who, instead of a coin, drops a condom into Phoebe’s guitar case.

  • Jennifer Aniston received Joey’s white dog statue as a good luck gift from her best friend.

She decided to lend it to the show for the episode in which Joey became wealthy and purchased a large amount of property. The producers agreed to keep it after that episode

  • Each main character was paid $1 million per episode by the end of the season.

For the main cast alone, that comes to $6 million. The average cost per episode soared to a staggering $10 million.

30 Interesting Facts About the Show FRIENDS That You Didn't Know
  • In the opening credits of S06E01, all had the same last name.

Courteney Cox married David Arquette and changed her name to Courteney Cox Arquette between seasons five and six. The majority of the cast and executive producers have “Arquette” attached to their names in the beginning credits of the episode ” The One After Vegas “, which is an in-joke reference to this.

  • Ellen DeGeneres had declined the part of Phoebe in the film.
  • Bruce Willis was a free guest star on the show.
  • In the show, Joey owes Chandler an estimated $114,260.
  • Monica’s apartment didn’t really have any bedrooms behind those bars. They had the Central Perk package built on the other side of the wall!

The doors to her bedroom and the guest bedroom were both made to look like they belonged to her. Bedrooms were only put together when they were required.

  • Only Matthew Perry (Chandler) was allowed to sit in on the show’s screenwritings.

He’d assist the directors with script jokes and punchlines.

  • In the episode where Carol gives birth to Ben, June Gable, who played Joey’s agent Estelle Leonard, also played a nurse.
  • Lisa Kudrow initially mistook Chandler’s character for a gay man when she first read the script.

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