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20 Airport Moments That You Just Have to Stare At

Air travel can sometimes be a complete breeze, but other times it can be a complete anxiety-inducing nightmare. The thing is, until you’re loaded onto the plane, at least, you never really know which way it’ll go.

Even though these mishaps can be painful or annoying in the moment, there are times when we are involved in the same activity as other members of our species and witness something so absurd that we can’t help but laugh. There are times when actions taken by fellow passengers or airport personnel simply catch our attention. Here are some of the strangest and funniest airport incidents ever captured on camera…

Lie down

20 Airport Moments That You Just Have to Stare At

People prefer to sleep on airplanes for a reason. Everyone involved in a trip feels exhausted afterward. Unfortunately, there are times when you have to wait much longer than you anticipated for your flight. Additionally, the chairs in the airport aren’t particularly cozy for sleeping.

After a long day of going through security and making sure they had enough luggage for the trip, these dogs were exhausted. These dogs are doing what everyone wishes they could do, which is to simply make your bed in the world, and we’ve all been there before.

A Simple Snack

20 Airport Moments That You Just Have to Stare At

Most of the time, you’ll be hungry while waiting for a flight. We are all aware of the outrageous prices at the airport shops, but what are you going to do? Like this raccoon did, you might as well get a full jar of peanut butter to maximize the value of your purchase.

Although we don’t know the history of this image, we can certainly relate to the happiness that peanut butter can bring, especially after a trying day of traveling. We don’t know how long he was able to eat his peanut butter before someone most likely called animal control.


20 Airport Moments That You Just Have to Stare At

You might not have given it much thought, but a lot of airports run the risk of having wild animals cross the runway. Many airports have solved this problem by setting up traps and barriers to deter animals from danger.

Cherry Capital Airport in Michigan adopted an alternative strategy. They made the choice to employ Piper, a border collie, who patrols the perimeter of the airport, scaring off animals and ensuring the security of all travelers and airlines.

Any suspicious items in your bag?

20 Airport Moments That You Just Have to Stare At

It turns out that attempting to bring snakes aboard is more frequent than it seems. A python was allegedly attempted to be brought onto a flight to Barbados in Florida at the Miami International Airport. It seems typical of Florida.

To his credit, unlike our previous genius, this guy did not try to casually tuck it inside his pants. This person cleverly stored it inside a hard drive and in his checked bag. The reptile wasn’t spotted by TSA until the bomb screening team arrived to look into the enigmatic bag.

Traveler Falcons

20 Airport Moments That You Just Have to Stare At

The use of messenger pigeons was thought to be extinct. However, it appears that these cunning falcons came up with a brilliant plan to make their journey simpler and less taxing by flying on commercial airlines.

While that would make for a hilarious tale, the 80 falcons were actually paid for by a Saudi Prince to fly on a United Arab Emirates flight. This would never be allowed for a regular person, but princes get special treatment.

Run(a)way Bear

20 Airport Moments That You Just Have to Stare At

Although most airports wouldn’t have to worry about bears, incidents like this happen more frequently than you might think. This picture was taken at a polar bear-inhabited airport in Alaska.

Despite spending most of their lives in cold waters, the stunning but dangerous animals appear to enjoy wandering among the airplanes when they do. Fortunately, staff was able to successfully steer this endangered species away in the end.

He adores NBC programming.

20 Airport Moments That You Just Have to Stare At

Even though not all animals brought to airports do so illegally, that does not automatically mean that they will be allowed on the aircraft. A woman was denied access to a United Airlines flight from Newark, New Jersey to Los Angeles because she was carrying a peacock for emotional support.

The airline claims that before she even got to the airport, she was informed that she couldn’t take the animal ride. The woman offered to pay for the bird’s own airline ticket, but the company declined, claiming the bird’s size did not comply with requirements. The woman and her peacock made the decision to travel interstate instead.

Antarctica One-Way

20 Airport Moments That You Just Have to Stare At

Even though it might appear to be a scene from a movie, it is entirely true. When humboldt penguins were in danger from poachers, conservationists moved quickly and effectively to rescue them and return them to their natural habitat.

But it’s not as simple as you might think to move a lot of penguins. Taking the birds on a commercial flight was the most logical way to lead them back to their island home in South Africa.

Want to see some more fun stuff? Check out the funniest Wallmart photos ever!

Flying V

20 Airport Moments That You Just Have to Stare At

You would probably check to see if you had any bread to offer a duck you encountered on a plane. A traveller with PTSD was escorted by a duck called Daniel who provided emotional assistance. Ducks certainly exude a tranquil energy.

In case the passenger was about to experience a panic attack, Daniel was brought on board the aircraft to support her by placing his feet on her when she lay down. According to the business owner, Carla Fitzgerald, “Everyone simply took note of him and fell in love.”

You Refer To It As A Plane?

20 Airport Moments That You Just Have to Stare At

In contrast, seeing a kangaroo at all is a relatively uncommon sight for someone living outside of Australia. However, a kangaroo aboard an aircraft seems very unusual. Kangaroos being used as emotional support animals seems to be rather widespread, however they could only be able to travel before becoming adults.

An American Airlines flight crew captured a lovely video of a little joey jumping around the aircraft earlier in 2021 while they were boarding a trip from Charlotte, North Carolina to Newport News, Virginia. Clearly, flying kangaroos are more prevalent than we previously believed.

Easter Turkey

20 Airport Moments That You Just Have to Stare At

There are several kinds and breeds of emotional support animals. A turkey isn’t all that remarkable since we’ve previously seen someone with a peacock and another with a duck. A lady from Seattle traveled to San Francisco by plane in 2016 with her pet turkey, Easter, to scatter her husband’s ashes.

The lady had sewn the turkey a special diaper and had all the papers required to prove Easter was a certified emotional support animal. During the two hours of flight, Easter made no noise, which could have made some passengers wish some people had been traded out with turkeys.

Snakes On A Plane…Actually

20 Airport Moments That You Just Have to Stare At

People often dismiss Florida’s reputation for having crazy events by saying, “Well, that’s Florida.” Even by Florida standards, this one sets a higher standard. Once again at MIA, seven tiny stakes were discovered concealed in nylon stockings inside of a traveler’s trousers.

This guy was discovered because to TSA imaging equipment, which is used to look for guns and other potentially dangerous items. The passenger was detained and accused of breaking the Lacey Act of 1900, which forbids the trade in illicit animals.

Ready For Takeoff

20 Airport Moments That You Just Have to Stare At

Let’s face it, the pilot doesn’t appear to have any need for this seat at all. She should understand the risks of approaching the door too closely, whether it is open or closed, of all people.

Whatever the situation, we can be certain that one fortunate passenger had the privilege of being in this picture in the first place. Maybe after the aircraft took off, she began bringing beverages.

Oversized Baggage

20 Airport Moments That You Just Have to Stare At

It’s likely that your friends and family may ask whether they can accompany you on an exciting trip. In spite of the fact that this is often intended as a jest, one guy took it quite seriously and stuffed himself inside the luggage of his companions.

Not only does he seem to be in a terrible situation, but he also has little chance of getting past security. He could end up staying behind bars, so perhaps he should simply purchase his own ticket the next time.

Terrifying Runaway

20 Airport Moments That You Just Have to Stare At

If you weren’t familiar with it before, you are now. In addition to having stunning beaches and crystal-clear oceans, Maho Beach in the Caribbean island of Saint Martin is renowned for its scary runway.

One of the island’s beaches sits perilously near to the runway, causing aircraft to frightfully approach sunbathers. People often find themselves avoiding it out of fear since it may be really hazardous, but not before snapping a picture.


20 Airport Moments That You Just Have to Stare At

You must locate the ideal location to make yourself comfortable while you wait if your aircraft is delayed. Even for a little wait, it might be difficult to settle down at the airport.

This lady deserves praise for thinking creatively about how to find comfort; after all, she was perceptive enough to slide between the armrests. When it’s time to go on, maybe she was able to exit again.

Luggage Display

20 Airport Moments That You Just Have to Stare At

Even while certain tasks at the airport might be very routine, there is always space for creativity and excitement. This baggage handler made the decision to do just that, channeling his inner Tetris master to build an amazing luggage tower.

While you could hope that was the genuine story behind this picture, the sculptures in question were really made and displayed at an airport. However, it’s still rather interesting and makes you wonder how it was constructed.


20 Airport Moments That You Just Have to Stare At

Making fun of oneself is the best approach to make light of a difficult circumstance. That’s what this new mother did with the “welcome home” sign she created herself specifically for the child’s father.

Is there anything cuter than pointing out that she has put on weight since delivering the baby and asking papa to see his little sister? There’s no denying that this father was delighted to see his wife and new baby.

Neck Pillow

20 Airport Moments That You Just Have to Stare At

Whether she was aware of it or not, this woman’s travel pillow seemed to have a naked bottom as she was carrying it through the airport. Naturally, as she passed, several bystanders gave her a second glance.

To protect herself from all the glances, she could decide to carry it differently the next time. Or maybe she was well aware of what she was doing and only wanted to make her other passengers smile.


20 Airport Moments That You Just Have to Stare At

Even though most “welcome home” signs are kind, considerate, and heartfelt, some of them may be very inappropriate. This kind husband obviously wanted to make his loving wife feel at home as soon as possible.

He wasn’t just kind, he gave her a stunning praise that undoubtedly made a lot of people blush. He certainly received a lot of strange stares when he picked her up while posing as a limo driver and wrote “Smokin’ Hot Italian Chick,” but it was definitely worth it.

Bathroom Signs

20 Airport Moments That You Just Have to Stare At

Let’s face it, waiting in line for the restroom at an airport can be excruciatingly uncomfortable and highly annoying. The notice at the Chinese airport, however, couldn’t have been more precise.

It seems as if they were warning you in advance that getting to the restroom would require crossing your legs and waiting in extremely lengthy queues. Hold it in a little longer, people!

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