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You Need to See These Creations! An Artist Makes Animals from Sand

True artists create their work in any media. Creative geniuses throughout history have astounded people with their inventiveness and invention to build amazing works of art using anything from plaster to paper.

When you give Andoni Bastarrika some sand on his palms, he believes himself to be a regular person. He creates beautiful sand creations that are nearly lifelike, whereas most of us struggle to build basic sandcastles on the beach. Check out some of these incredible works…


The creative process for Bastarrika wasn’t all fun and games. He realized the pressure was on after the first mermaid since his family was watching the narrative develop. He actually developed his gift into something special and one-of-a-kind via trial and error.

When initially seeing this leopard encased in cement, it’s impossible not to feel sorry for the prey being savaged. We know these cats are not to be trifled with, so realistic markings on a spotless coat and peaceful gaze are misleading.


Bastarrika creates the majority of these realistic constructions by hand. To add some of the final touches that make each painting so wonderful, he does use additional instruments like brushes, sticks, and toothpicks.

To bring the animals to life, additional ornaments and accessories are used, such as horns and nails. Many observers are gawking at this enormous crocodile because of its amazing detail and intimidating size.


Any lion painting or sculpture may exude grandeur and strength. To understand the harmony of nature and all the variety that is available to us, one simply has to see the elegance and might of a lion.

Even if Bastarrika’s lion is lazing about on the beach, it has just as much strength as lions in the wild. It is extremely amazing how carefully and lovingly he crafted each aspect on this gorgeous animal.


You Need to See These Creations! An Artist Makes Animals from Sand

Animals are the main topics of Bastarrika’s sculptures since they talk to him. They are gorgeous, different, and free souls who also possess immense intelligence. He wants people who observe his sculptures to think about them and take something away from them.

Even if the color of this enormous octopus was enhanced along the road, the attention to detail is what really makes it a masterpiece. From the suction cups on the tentacles to the piercing gaze of two strategically positioned eyes, every element is precisely placed.


If there are mermaids, they could resemble those that Bastarrika skillfully created by hand. Every curve of the tail has been painstakingly carved and fashioned to honor the beauty of the sea that can only be captured in this manner.

This mermaid seems to be a character with a tale to tell. We’d want to know what led her here, how she ended up on the beach, and why she picked this location for her last resting place, which is so distant from her home.


How can Andoni Bastarrika turn a simple mound of sand into a piece of art that may enlarge the intellect, arouse the spirit, and open the heart? The smallest representation of an animal is sufficient to wow viewers all over the world.

This little guy loves the way Bastarrika portrays a gorilla. We may never understand how he was able to convey such depth of feeling in the gorilla’s eyes. The little youngster is visibly in wonder as he observes this work of art.


You Need to See These Creations! An Artist Makes Animals from Sand

You could make a second take or run away in terror if you were to go on a beach or boardwalk and see one of these lifelike pieces of art out of the corner of your eye.

Thanks to Bastarrika, this reptilian marvel is ready to bite your ankles as you stroll down the boardwalk. Given that he obviously enjoys seeing people’s horrified responses to this painting, we have to question whether he also has a dark sense of humor at work here.

German Shepherd

For more than 10 years, Andoni has amused beachgoers in the Basque area of northern Spain. It wasn’t until this self-taught artist converted a sand dune into a life-size bull that he started to get acclaim on a global scale. He has since attracted notice with a variety of intriguing sculptures.

He is aware that his sculptures won’t last, but it doesn’t stop him from doing whatever inspires him to. This lifelike sculpture of a German Shepherd is unmistakable evidence of how difficult it is to tell his sculptures from real animals.

Hammerhead Shark

As he is ready to start carving, Bastarrika stacks a wet stand. As he starts to shape it, he follows the sand’s cues to reveal its distinct expression. He finds inspiration by sifting it with his fingertips, which will lead to a brand-new masterpiece.

According to him, the size of a piece affects how long it takes to make. Depending on the moisture content and distinct makeup of each batch of sand he uses, pieces like this hammerhead shark may take up to two days to produce.


You Need to See These Creations! An Artist Makes Animals from Sand

Bastarrika is now able to share his works with the rest of the world because of the development of social media. He consistently shares his work on Facebook and Instagram, building a devoted fan base that spans generations and geographic boundaries.

It’s difficult to envision this picture being taken with anything other than an artificial shark. Like Steven Spielberg on the set of Jaws, Bastarikka gets close to one of his favorite topics.

Cane Corso

That Bastarrika doesn’t begin with a model from which to take inspiration is probably what makes his sculptures so stunning. His expansive creative imagination exploded with visions, creating breathtaking artwork for everyone to appreciate.

A passing Cane Corso owner couldn’t help but stop to pose for a photo with the gifted artist. As you can see, Bastarrika’s sculpture closely resembles actual dogs in terms of details.

Face in the Sand

Despite the fact that most of Bastarrika’s subjects are animals, he sometimes strays from his recipe for success when the whim strikes him. He experiments with creating human faces as well, pushing the boundaries of his ability.

Every face Bastarrika creates aims to convey a distinct mood. When viewers correctly predict how his work is “feeling,” he views it as a victory. This person’s face conveys a melancholy and yearning nostalgia for happier, more carefree times.

Great White Shark

Swing wide, lovers of the arts. These great whites are really terrifying, whether they are in the ocean or on the shore. Bastarrika makes it possible for the animal to effortlessly emerge from a sand dune, bringing the scene to life.

Every ardent surfer who passes by is terrified by this imposing behemoth. Even if we are aware that he is stationary, we should still take a quick look behind us to make sure he isn’t giving us anything other than an intense gaze.


Who wants to be squeezed by this cunning snake? It’s difficult to imagine a large reptile slipping through the forest unnoticed, yet these quiet, sneaky predators are expert at doing precisely that.

The level of attention to detail that Bastarrika placed into creating this sculpture is really astounding. Onlookers shiver in horror at the perfect size and proportions and the magnificent cold glare of yellow reptile eyes.

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