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These Maps Show Just How Different You Are From Americans In Other States

The substantial disparities amongst its residents are often ignored as Americans are frequently divided into two categories on maps of the United States depending on how they vote. Even while it’s obvious that Americans are divided, the Internet has produced some intriguing visual representations that really demonstrate how diverse Americans are on a variety of issues and points of view.

These incredible maps display a ton of intriguing data, like which states’ citizens admit to cheating on their partners to Google, which states’ people are the most sad in, which states’ residents are the most embarrassed of, and which states’ residents are the most promiscuous. View the country via a really distinctive viewpoint that would have made high school geography much more intriguing…

Brand Loyalty

Americans also like shopping a lot, in addition to their love of food and sports. Americans have a reputation for being fairly brand loyal, often staying with the brands they like. An affinity for a brand is location-based, according to this map from 2018.

Naturally, Hershey is the dominant company in Pennsylvania, Disney is a staple in Florida (at least for the time being), and Amazon and Microsoft are well-known in Washington, where their headquarters are. Given Netflix’s recent exponential growth, a future map may show the streaming service in many more states except the Northeast.

Health And Wellness

It’s possible that whomever declared that location has no bearing on lifespan was somewhat off. There are obvious disparities in how long individuals tend to live in different states, regardless of whether this is partly because of cleaner air, water, better nutrition, or more outdoor activity.

When it comes to having citizens that stay put for a longer period of time, California and New York are at the top of the list. Florida seems to stand in sharp contrast to certain other Southern states. You may wish to avoid certain regions of the Deep South if you want to live longer.

Football Fandom

Football fans are very passionate about the clubs they support and may even be more so when it comes to the ones they despise. This chart provides some fascinating context for some of the storied NFL rivalries. As two of the league’s oldest clubs, the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers are unavoidably fierce rivals in Illinois and Wisconsin.

Florida Dolphins supporters have considerable animosity for the Patriots since quarterback Tom Brady has been instrumental in New England’s success for over 20 years. Brady’s last game with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers before his retirement in 2022 probably left the Buccaneers with a bad reputation in the South. Even though the Los Angeles Rams only play in a few states in 2021, their Super Bowl victory in 2022 will likely attract a few more detractors.

Country Expansion By Administration

All American presidents sought to make their imprint on American history and culture when they took office. An intended legacy as president, particularly in the 19th century, was to expand the borders of the United States. You can discover which governments are to blame for the nation’s growth.

One of the most well-known purchases was made in 1867 under President Andrew Johnson when Secretary of State William Seward paid $7.2 million to purchase Alaska from Russia. In the newspapers, the price of around 2 cents per acre was infamously referred to as Seward’s Folly, although in retrospect, it was a great deal. Thomas Jefferson would likewise spend an absurd $15 million on the Louisiana Purchase in 1803.

Speed Limits

Nothing compares to the exhilarating sensation of cruising along an open highway while listening to loud music and feeling the wind in your hair. To prevent running afoul of the law when driving along those highways in another state, go over this map before you go all “Thelma and Louise” on your next road trip.

Even though the maximum speed in most states is very comparable, it’s always a good idea to find out how fast you can go before starting your next adventure. Be on the watch since one way to ruin your trip is to get a costly citation from a stickler state policeman.

Earthquake History

Although California is the state most famous for its regular earthquake activity, there have been confirmed accounts of earthquakes that may jolt people to their very core in almost every state in the US. Alaska actually experienced the most powerful earthquake in the United States to date, although having a far lower population.

A quake that registers at 7.0 on the Richter Scale is 10 times stronger than one that measures at 6.0. A 5.1 earthquake is 100 times more strong than a 7.2 earthquake. Of course, frequency also matters; certain states in the West experience them more often and to a greater extent than those in the Midwest, South, or Northeast.

“Worst State To Live In”

Residents of a town or nation are sometimes passionately proud of their home, frequently urging others to relocate there. However, sometimes locals aren’t all that happy with where they’ve made their home. It’s probable that part of Illinois’s citizens’ dislike of the state—over 20% of whom declare it “the worst state to live in”—is a result of Chicago’s chilly climate.

Maybe what occurs in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas because Nevadans are a little less humiliated than New Yorkers. Some of the frustration these citizens may be feeling may be brought on by holding political views that vary from those of their state. Residents who rate their state as the worst may wind up moving more often than other residents, which is not unexpected.

State Size By Population

Since we’re often so focused on their geographical mass, it may be fairly deceiving to see how crowded certain states (and the ones that aren’t) are when looking at a map of the United States. This map illustrates what each state would be like if its population were proportional to its size.

New Jersey is one example of a state that has a very modest geographical area yet a sizable population. Conversely, when you compare the amount of people living in each state, states that are significantly bigger in size, like Wyoming or Montana, seem to be rather small.

Googling What To Do

Nowadays, a significant percentage of people’s time is spent online, where we have access to a wealth of information, both valuable and unhelpful. So it seems sense that when trying to solve some of their most serious personal problems, individuals often start there.

This map demonstrates how state-specific variations in Google queries are common. One of the most often asked topics is if moving would enhance one’s lifestyle, and this has only been more frequent in recent years. People who are thinking about dieting often search for health advice. Checking up with some of the Dakota citizens who are considering the bottle could also be a good idea.

Sources For News

It is no secret that the United States is somewhat divided on a wide range of topics, with differing political viewpoints at its center. The many news sources that Americans utilize to acquire their news are probably the cause of some of the contentious disagreements amongst them.

While most of the East Coast watches CNN and NBC News for their news, the majority of the Southern states watch Fox News. A sizable portion of the population also visits USA Today and Yahoo! News to keep up with the news. This might easily explain a large portion of the polarization in America since each corporation offers its own unique perspective and prejudices on local, national, and international affairs.

Favorite Snack

The propensity for eating unhealthily is one of the things for which Americans have come to be recognized. With Oreos being the undisputed leader on the East Coast, this map of popular snacks across the nation pinpoints which brand of goodies each state has a special yearning for.

Once again, Pennsylvania, the state where Hershey’s is based, is a fan favorite. It is evident that sweet dishes are preferred over salty ones in 29 states. It’s also interesting to note that instead of convenience shops, vending machines are where most snacks are purchased. This may be related to workers searching for a fast bite at their workplace, but as more people work remotely, this tendency may alter.

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Countries Of Origin

The United States is not referred to as a “melting pot” for nothing. Between 1820 and 1930, almost 5 million individuals from Ireland and over 6 million from Germany fled their own countries in Europe in search of a better life in the United States.

This map is an intriguing representation of the early settlers’ movement patterns. They were drawn to by the promise of a better quality of life, greater opportunities, and the ability to build a brand-new world for their families. While most Americans may trace their ancestry back to European nations, a significant portion of people in the Southwest and California ultimately originate from Mexico.

Beer Consumption

It’s no secret that Americans like their beer. This explains why Budweiser and other brands appear in so many Super Bowl advertising. This map displays how much beer is consumed in each state, with Nevada leading the pack due to the prevalence of bachelor parties and unexpected marriages.

People shouldn’t be surprised that more health-conscious regions like California and New York tend to rank lower on the list given the number of calories in beer. Near the top of the list is Wisconsin, which is home to numerous well-known breweries. Some of the colder states may drink more beer than the rest of the nation to stay warm.

Differences For “You All”

Even though America may be a divided nation at the moment, there are easy, modest approaches to discover common ground. A simple connection to make is one via language and speech. For instance, most individuals in states use the phrase “you guys” when addressing a group of people in discussion.

The simplest way to tell whether someone is from a Southern state is if they address you as “y’all.” It’s also interesting to note that certain places have their own slang, such as the “yinz” used by Pittsburghers and the “youse” used by some individuals in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

Name Origin

Those early American pioneers wasted little time in starting a new life and making a new identity for themselves. Though they weren’t as unique as you would have believed, one of the numerous things they accomplished was naming and claiming new areas as their own.

As you can see from this attractive presentation, many state names are derived from local terms from different indigenous tribes. Fewer than a dozen U.S. states, which serves as another evidence of how diverse America’s cultures and languages are, are unaware that English derivatives exist.

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