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How to Deal with Jealousy in Intimate Relationships?

It’s normal to feel a little jealous in a relationship at times, particularly if you have strong feelings for your partner. Occasional jealousy is acceptable and can even contribute to your connection with your partner. But what do you do if your jealousy grows stronger, more powerful, and even overwhelming?

What Makes People Jealous?

The most common evolutionary reason for jealousy is that men are afraid of sexual infidelity because they want to know for sure that their offspring is theirs. Women are more worried about emotional infidelity because they are concerned about the survival of their children and want to ensure that their partner loves, provides for, and protects them.

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People today are more afraid than ever before of being rejected, not accepted, and not cherished, as well as of losing people they care about. These feelings are completely natural. Again, when thoughts and feelings of jealousy are intense, they are fueled in part by insecurities. Jealousy decreases as apprehension decreases. If you have a lot of envy, here are some tactics to help you deal with it:

Don’t Respond to Your Emotions

It’s difficult not to act on how you’re feeling. The problem isn’t with the feeling of jealousy or some other emotion; it’s with acting on the feeling and allowing it to overtake you. You are free to experience the emotion, but you are not obligated to act on it. Keep in mind that your better half is a living, breathing human being who is constantly communicating with the world around them. There are people of their preferred gender in that country, but that does not mean they would cheat on you with them. There’s a reason they’re involved with you in such a close way. They would have dated other people if they wanted to. Respect your emotions, however, change how you think about the situation and be fair and wise the next time you feel jealous.

How to Deal with Jealousy in Intimate Relationships?

Stay Vulnerable and Calm Down

To love is to be vulnerable. It was better said by George R.R. Martin. “The more people you love, the weaker you are.” You must open your heart to your partner, trust whatever happens, and remain calm. Yes, it is difficult, but you must be able to accept what you cannot change and trust yourself to deal with the unexpected. Keep in mind that you are in a relationship because you have chosen to love. It’s a decision you make to love your partner while also accepting the risks without hesitation or jealousy.

Express Your Jealousy in a Gentle Manner

You should show your feelings and speak to your partner in a mature manner if you believe your partner is doing something that makes you jealous. As long as it is polite, you can express it with humor, diplomacy, or directness. If you’re a witty person, you might make a joke about how jealous you are when your partner pays attention to someone else. When you say this, laugh with them to take the edge off the subject and get the point across. You will tell them how much you love them and that they would never cheat on you if you are diplomatic. And if you want to be blunt, just tell them that you trust them but that you can’t control your emotions and that you’d like them to think about how you’re feeling.

Take Time to Appreciate Yourself

People with low self-esteem and insecurity problems are one of the most common causes of jealousy. They have a tendency to believe that they are not good enough and that their partner would notice this and leave them for someone else. You must understand that there is a reason why your partner fell in love with you in the first place and decided to be with you. Don’t be afraid to ask for reassurance or gratitude if you need it (within reason of course). Know that your partner is with you and they want to be with you because of your good attributes the next time you feel jealous.

How to Deal with Jealousy in Intimate Relationships?

Have Your Wounds Healed

People are also prone to jealousy as a result of previous relationships. It’s possible you’ve been hurt before, and they’ve cheated on you. You must step past your past and accept that you are no longer in that relationship and have entered into a new one. It is not your ex-partner with whom you are currently associated. Understanding the causes, triggers, and motives for your jealousy is crucial to personal development and the maintenance of a healthy relationship. Make a deliberate effort to repair old wounds and become more resilient if you feel jealous so that your past does not affect your present and future.

Have Faith in Your Partner

You have no choice but to trust your partner if you want to have a happy and healthy relationship. You must let go of jealousy and no one can influence your partner. While having some power is beneficial, attempting to control others for things over which you have no control is problematic. Regardless of your feelings of jealousy, act in a caring manner.

Have faith in yourself

The only thing you can do is believe in yourself. Believe in yourself and the ability to love intensely and without remorse. Believe in yourself that your love will serve as an anchor, keeping your relationship from drifting away. This isn’t easy, but when you trust yourself, you can trust whatever comes your way. You have faith in your ability to handle even the most stressful situations, such as a breakup or rejection.

Finally, jealousy has the potential to be harmful and poisonous in intimate relationships. You would be in a stronger place to develop your relationship and deepen your confidence if you follow the above suggestions and techniques while feeling jealous.

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