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IIT Bombay: Institution of Dreams

IIT Bombay: Institution of Dreams

IIT Bombay is a dream engineering university for millions of Indian and foreign students from all over the world. It has now become a brand and has been on the list of the best Indian engineering universities for several years. As one of the pioneer engineering institutes in India, IIT Bombay was established in 1958. This institute has given the world millions of talented graduates who are now becoming the new face of India. Most of them become successful entrepreneurs, corporate icons, engineers, scientists, etc. With the modernization of the education system in India, till now, they continue to provide thousands more graduates for the world.

We will talk about their history, educational styles, Authority and many more in our today’s blog. So let’s get started.

History of IIT Bombay

IIT Bombay is the pioneer of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). The full name of it is “Institute of Technology, Bombay.” It was established in 1958. In the beginning, it was situated in the Mumbai suburb of Pawai. In the meantime, they were also known as the Western Regional Engineering College. But in 1964, they changed their name to Indian Technology Bombay and shifted their location to Powai Valley. In the early days of IIT Bombay, it had three engineering departments. But now, in 2023, they have sixteen departments of engineering and many more non-engineering divisions. Also, they have several research institutes like the Center of Environmental Science and Technology, the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, and many more.

Educational Structure of IIT Bombay

Semester system of IIT Bombay

IIT Bombay follows a semester system, with each semester lasting for around 16 weeks. The academic year has two semesters, the odd semester (fall semester) and the even semester (spring semester).

Undergraduate Program

Undergraduate Programs are one of the earliest stages of IIT Bombay. They have many courses for Undergraduate students like B.Tech, Bachelor of Engineering and other Bachelor courses like Chemical, electrical, mechanical and many more.

Postgraduate/ Masters Degree Program

It gives students who have finished their 10+2 education a 5-year integrated Master of Technology (M.Tech.) program. The M.Tech. IIT Bombay has Postgraduate/Masters’s degree programs. Any student can find programs like M.Tech, M.sc, Masters of Engineering and many more.

PhD Programs

This institute has a great focus on research. Also, IIT Bombay has many PhD programs in various fields. And these courses last between three and five years.

The campus of IIT Bombay: Faculty, classrooms, fields and Other Buildings

IIT Bombay is located in Powai, Mumbai, India. It has one of the biggest campuses in India. This campus covers over 550 acres. There, we will see many buildings and research centres. In these buildings, they have classrooms, student dorms, stadiums, libraries etc. Also, they have lecture halls, laboratories, academic buildings etc. Besides basketball courts, cricket fields, and a swimming pool, there are lots of fields and outdoor sports facilities. For student facilities, they will get a library, gym, student centre, residence halls and many more.

The campus also includes a library, a gym, and a student centre, as well as a number of dining options in residence halls and a number of other buildings. IIT Bombay has many full-time professors who are very qualified and talented. Also, they invite part-time professors from around the world for some specific lectures. Also, students need to find their advisors for every course.

The administrative system of IIT Bombay: Academic office and Authority

IIT Bombay: Institution of Dreams

IIT Bombay has a decentralized administrative and governance system, with various committees and councils responsible for different areas of the institute. Here they are:

Governing Body

The main group in charge of running the Institute of Technology Bombay is the Board of Governors. Board is in charge of running the institute and is in charge of things like finances, academic policies, and hiring faculty and staff.

Academic Affairs

The Senate is create with faculty members, students, and representatives from different departments. The Senate is in charge of making decisions about academic policies and courses, as well as the overall growth of the institute.

Committees and Councils

The Institute of Technology, Bombay, has an amazing committee and councils. They always control all the things like student affairs, research, finance, academic affairs, exam systems, etc. These committees are a mix of faculty members, students, staff etc. The members of these committees make policies and suggestions by the Governors and Senate.

Internal Complaint Committee

The ICC at IIT Bombay handles complaints about sexual harassment and unfair treatment. Faculty and student representatives make up the ICC, and their job is to keep the institute safe and welcoming.

Daily life at IIT Bombay

At IIT Bombay, students follow a strict schedule that includes classes, assignments, and exams. The day begins early, with classes starting at 8:30 and continuing till 5:30. There is a lunch break from 1:00 to 2:00, during which students can grab a bite to eat at the campus cafeteria or head out to the nearby market to grab a meal. After class, students may have additional lectures or tutorials, or they may head to the library to study or work on assignments. Many students also participate in extracurricular activities, such as clubs and sports, which take place in the evenings.

Dinner is provided at the campus cafeteria at around 8:00 pm, after which students may return to their hostels to study or relax with friends. Some students may stay up late to complete assignments or prepare for exams, while others may head to bed early to get a good night’s sleep. Overall, life at IIT Bombay is hard but rewarding. Students get to learn from top professors and take part in many activities that help them grow as people and as professionals.

The controversy around IIT Bombay

IIT Bombay: Institution of Dreams

Gender discrimination

In 2016, the institute was criticized for its admissions policy, which gave male candidates more weight than female candidates based on their gender.

Hostel segregation

In 2019, the institute was criticized for its plan to put male and female students in different dorms. Eventually, this policy was changed, and the hostels became coed.

Intellectual property rights

It was reported that the institute’s policy on intellectual property rights would let it claim ownership of student and faculty research in 2020.

Fees hike

Students protested by not going to the institute. They also protested when the institute raised tuition for several courses in 2021.

Cultural Activities

IIT Mumbai (Indian Institutes of Technology, Bombay) is an elite university in Mumbai. With events and activities happening all year long, the institute has a vibrant cultural scene. On a regular basis, it hosts the following cultural events:

Techniche Festival

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Mumbai puts on a technical festival called Techniche every year. They always have a wide range of events and activities like robotics competitions, hackathons, workshops, lectures, and exhibitions on their campus. It’s a great chance for students to show off their technical skills, learn about new technologies, and meet professionals in the field.

Mood Indigo Festival

Every year, Mood Indigo hosts a cultural festival. It is one of the largest college festivals in Asia, with over 50,000 participants from around the country and abroad. The Mood Indigo festival is one of the largest and oldest cultural programs at IIT Bombay. At this event, they invited all the famous artists from India to perform here. Artists like Kapil Sharma, AR Rahman, Farhan Akhtar, The Chainsmokers, and many others perform here. Also, they have shows like local artists’ concerts, dance performances, stand-up comedy shows, and many more at the Mood Indigo Festival.

Spring Fest Festival

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay always arranges various festivals on its campus. Most of the festivals are arranged by cultural committees and student unions. They arranged all of these mostly in January. Some of the events of cultural programs are Music Shows, concerts, dance programs, fashion shows, debates and many more. In these programs, students show their skills, ideas, and talents all together.


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