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Maori People: Our Beautiful Culture and Heritage
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Maori People: Our Beautiful Culture and Heritage

Maori people are one of the pioneer tribes from  New Zealand. They always live in Some part of New Zealand for a long time. Maori`s are different from other tribe people. Maori people have an amazing cultural style which is very unique. But how do they become so famous around the world? And how do they cope up with all the modern cultural styles? In this blog our writers will talk about Maori peoples history, lifestyles and many more. Here are all the details.

Maori Peoples: Who are they?

Maori peoples are also known as New Zealanders. They came to New Zealand as East Polynesian Voyagers in between nine to thirteen centuries, They always had their own culture, language and history. Maori people believe in Strong community and ownership. In the era of British raj, they signed a treaty with Britain which is called Treaty of Waitangi. It was signed in 1840.

Demography of Maori People

Maori`s are the largest populated tribe in the world. They have a population of more than Seven Hundred Thousands. It has been said that, recent rapid growth of New Zealand’s population is because of Maori people. Another interesting fact is that these people now spread all over New Zealand. Areas like Auckland, Wellington are some of them. Also many people love to adopt some cultural things from their tradition.

Cultural dimensions of Maori people

 Māori people


Whanaungatanga is a most popular Maori cultural term which represents relation and connection between all of them. Most of the experts said that it is one of the basic cultural things. If you follow this culture, you will find that it always talks about family relations, community buildups and relationship developments. They always make the foundation of strong community culture between Maori people.


Manaakitanga is a cultural type which consists of many human gestures. As an example we can find respect, generosity, kindness, humbleness and many more. It is often translate as “hospitality” or “caring for others. Manaakitanga is about creating a sense of belonging and community, and showing respect and care for all people, regardless of their status or position.


Kaitiakitanga is a central cultural dimension of the Maori people of New Zealand. It refers to the concept of guardianship and protection of the natural world, and the responsibility of individuals and communities to care for the land, water, and other natural resources. Kaitiakitanga is closely connect to Maori cultural beliefs and values, including the importance of intergenerational responsibility and the belief that all living beings have a role and purpose in the natural world. It is also closely connect to the Maori concept of whakapapa, or genealogy, as the land is consider the source of life.

Language and political style: Maori People

Maori people


Te Reo Maori, is the official language of New Zealand. They have a strong tradition of oral storytelling, which has influenced their political style. Maori leaders often use inclusive and consultative approaches, seeking the input and consensus of the community before making decisions.


Maori people have a great political history. They have parliament seats and always get a huge amount of votes in elections. Their party is call Maori Party which is mainly a regional political organization. The Maori party always raises awareness about the Maori`s issues in front of the world. Also they promote Maori traditions and cultures.

Sports of Maori People

The Maori people, indigenous to New Zealand, have a rich history of sports and physical activity. Some traditional sports of the Maori people include:

Kapa haka

A form of Maori dance and performance that involves singing, chanting, and dancing to tell stories and express cultural identity.

Māori stick games

Games played with sticks and hand gestures, often accompanied by singing and chanting. These games were traditionally use for training and physical fitness, as well as for entertainment and social interaction.

Māori stick fighting

This is a traditional martial art that involves the use of sticks as weapons, often performed as a demonstration or competition.

Today, Maori people also participate in modern sports such as rugby, soccer, and boxing, and continue to celebrate and preserve their cultural traditions through sports and physical activity.

Famous persons from Maori People

  • Sir Apirana Ngata
  • Witi Ihimaera
  • Hone Tuwhare
  • Keisha Castle-Hughes


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