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Most Interesting But Little-Known Facts About Abraham Lincoln

On March 4, 1861, Abraham Lincoln was elected as the 16th president of the United States, and he has remained a national hero ever since. Despite being the most talked-about U.S. president, there are still a ton of interesting facts about him that are unknown, mostly because they aren’t covered in school. This is where we step in, as we’re going to list the top 20 most fascinating but little-known facts about Abraham Lincoln today.

The Nickname

Abraham Lincoln: Facts, Birthday & Assassination | HISTORY - HISTORY

The former American president’s dislike of the name “Abe” is one of his most intriguing traits. Unfortunately for him, everyone began referring to him by his nickname because it was so memorable.

Excellent bartender

Stan Melton Twitter पर: "FUN #BartenderInChief FACT: Abraham Lincoln was a  licensed bartender and part owner of a saloon in Illinois.  https://t.co/slcuPLmPot" / Twitter

Abraham Lincoln was a fantastic bartender, which is something that many people are unaware of. Not only that, but he was also licensed and had a reputation for creating some of the best mixed drinks.

Powerful wrestler

Abraham Lincoln's Underground Wrestling Career - YouTube

Abraham Lincoln isn’t someone you want to fight in a ring with! He was a strong wrestler who had only lost one of his 300 career matches, which explains why. The National Wrestling Hall of Fame has actually inducted the former president.


Abraham Lincoln | Biography, Childhood, Quotes, Death, & Facts | Britannica

He was one of the world’s smartest people, but he had no formal education. Abraham Lincoln was self-educated, which demonstrates how intelligent he was.

Modest beginnings

Abraham Lincoln - Wikipedia

You might assume that a man like Abraham Lincoln led a prosperous life, but this was untrue. In Kentucky, his parents farmed and labored in the fields up until 1816.

Voting rights for women

Although he is best known for ending slavery, this wasn’t his only original thought. Since 1836, he has advocated for the right of women to vote. Sadly, this did not occur while he was alive.

Lover of animals

Abe Lincoln Loved Animals: Jackson, Ellen, Ettlinger, Doris: 9780807501238:  Amazon.com: Books

Animal lovers may have heard of Abraham Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln never wanted to go fishing or hunting, which suggests that if he were alive today, he would probably manage an animal shelter.

Losing The First Campaign

Abraham Lincoln - Highlights

Abraham Lincoln actually came in last in his first election, despite going on to become one of the most recognizable American presidents to hold the office. He didn’t receive enough votes and people weren’t yet aware of who he was.

The Lost Speech

Abraham Lincoln - Quotes, Assassination & Height - Biography

The former president of the United States delivered a speech in 1856 that was so moving that everyone in attendance put down their pencils and stopped taking notes. Because of this, no records exist of what Abraham Lincoln discussed in this speech.

Good Comeback

Abraham Lincoln quote: I couldn't be two faced. If I had two faces...

Abraham Lincoln once reacted to Stephen Douglas accusing him of having two faces during a debate by asking, “Honestly, if I were two faces, would I be showing you this one?”

He Was Very Tall

Biography of President Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln’s height contributed to his reputation as a strong wrestler and a revered leader. He was 6’4″, and all of his wrestling opponents had to be terrified of him.

Big Beard

One Man's Abraham Lincoln Protest Resulted In A Ridiculous 12-Foot Beard

One of Abraham Lincoln’s most recognizable features is his beard, and we can thank a young girl by the name of Grace Bedell for that. The young girl wrote the president a letter in which she advised him to grow a beard because his face was too thin and it would help him in the election.

Failed Attempt at Assassination

Abraham Lincoln's Assassination - Timeline, Facts & Aftermath - HISTORY

Many people are unaware of the fact that John Wilkes Booth was not the first to attempt to kill the president. Another individual tried but failed. The president’s large hat was struck when the assassin fired his rifle.

Stealing Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln | Biography, Childhood, Quotes, Death, & Facts | Britannica

A gang attempted to steal Abraham Lincoln’s body from his tomb in 1876 with the intention of demanding a $200,000 ransom to have it returned. This is another interesting but odd fact that most people are unaware of.

John Wilkes Booth

John Wilkes Booth - Death, Brother & Family - Biography

John Wilkes Booth, who killed Abraham Lincoln, was once an actor, as everyone knows by this point. The interesting fact in this case is that John Wilkes Booth’s former rival was actually a fan who attended his performances.

Secret Service

Abraham Lincoln | Miller Center

The Secret Service was established by Abraham Lincoln just hours before he was killed. The Secret Service was not established to safeguard the president; rather, it was created to assist in stopping currency fraud. After the assassinations of two additional presidents, their mission was altered.

Not a Religious Person

Was Abraham Lincoln an Atheist? - HISTORY

He had no religious inclinations at all. Abraham Lincoln only read the bible in order to gain a better understanding of Christianity and its adherents.

The First Lady

Mary Todd Lincoln: Family, Death, Facts | HISTORY - HISTORY

Mary Todd, a young woman of 23 years old, and Abraham Lincoln were united in marriage in 1842. The president’s height was noticeable because she was only 5’2″. Only one of their four children survived to adulthood.

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Thanksgiving 2022 - Tradition, Origins & Meaning - HISTORY

You guessed it—Thanksgiving is one of the most well-known and cherished American traditions! This custom was established by Abraham Lincoln.

Sleeping Area

White House | History, Location, & Facts | Britannica

The White House provided Abraham Lincoln with a special room where he could sleep, but the former president chose to convert that space into an office so he wouldn’t have to travel all the way to the oval office.

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