Here it is Folks! Put it in A Bun – Cat Edition

July 20, 2020

We know you loved the put it in a bun Dog edition – if you haven’t watched it – check it out here. And here is another gem! Cats with buns edition

And now, it is time for another cute spam with cat videos! Hope you are seeing this in the morning because it is a good day starter, and make sure you got your coffee beside you, because we don’t want you to be spilling it all over because of laughter 🙂

What a cutie right, here is another princess 😂

And this one is a total rock star 1/1

Imagine this one with some better lighting though 😂

And a final one for today 😂

Let us know which one is your favorite kitty 😀

Also, are you in quarantine? If you are, which kitty in isolation are you today? Comment in the section bellow.

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