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The Things Men Want But Are Afraid To Ask For

Many women have learned to ask for exactly what they want in this era of female empowerment. What about what men desire, though? Men are thought to be the less talkative members of the sexes who detest discussing their needs and feelings. Although this isn’t how things should be, for many men, it is the case.

Men can occasionally be challenging to work with. Because of this, we may have been a little surprised to learn some of the most frequently expressed needs and desires of men. Even if you’re a man yourself, some of these might surprise you.

Re-approximation, which refers to a changed level of closeness, is frequently the result of excessive communication. This is a must-read if you’re a woman trying to understand your man (or men in general), or if you’re a man trying to find some support for your feelings.

To Know Why You’re Mad

The Things Men Want But Are Afraid To Ask For

Why we women get upset is one of the biggest puzzles for men. Being the magical beings that we are, we frequently have erratic moods, so we can’t really blame them. Therefore, it’s crucial to inform them of our problem for at least the first two times.

Additionally, it would be very beneficial to be honest with them and explain what they can do to prevent it from happening again. Communication clarity is crucial.

For You To Say What’s On Your Mind

The Things Men Want But Are Afraid To Ask For

Sorry, guys, but it’s kind of true: if there were a species of mind readers, none of them would be male. On a more serious note, it’s risky to let your man make assumptions, so it’s critical to communicate your thoughts and feelings to him. Say what’s on your mind.

After all, you can’t be angry with someone if they didn’t understand what you were thinking. So that there is no ambiguity, clearly state your intentions or expectations.

For More Of Your Patience

The Things Men Want But Are Afraid To Ask For

Most men are aware of how frequently they make mistakes. And if we could be a little bit more amazing than we already are by being a little bit more patient with them, they would love it. So, just try a little bit more if it isn’t too much for you.

Everyone makes mistakes, regardless of gender, and the majority of people prefer not to be harassed or attacked for them. Accidents happen.

Better Communication

The Things Men Want But Are Afraid To Ask For

Men are frequently stereotyped as having poor communication skills. For many members of the species, it is true, but they would like to change it. Your assistance is one way they can accomplish that. The more you try to communicate effectively with him, the easier it will be for you in the end.

Don’t expect a man to be an excellent communicator if you aren’t also making an effort; a relationship is a two-way street. Exchange knowledge with one another.

For Your Respect

The Things Men Want But Are Afraid To Ask For

Although a man won’t formally ask for it, respect is one of his most important needs and he will frequently look to you for it. He wants to appear knowledgeable, especially in your eyes, and the simplest way for him to do that is by earning your respect.

It should not be surprising that men crave this attention since these feelings of validation, seeing, and appreciation are fundamental human needs for many people. They might, however, have been instructed not to pursue this kind of attention.

For Compliments

The Things Men Want But Are Afraid To Ask For

Although most men blush when they receive compliments, that doesn’t mean they don’t occasionally need to hear words of praise. Even if they don’t express it the same way that we do, most men enjoy being adored and appreciated just as much as women do.

Always choose to build others up rather than tear them down. Don’t be afraid to use kind words the next time you’re with your male friends.

That You Request Help

The Things Men Want But Are Afraid To Ask For

In their friends and loved ones, men love and value independence and self-sufficiency, but they also need to feel as though they are contributing to you. It feels great to let him know you need him by asking for help. Verify that it’s for something other than simply changing the lightbulb.

There is a distinction between treating someone like a servant and genuinely seeking assistance. Sure, having him handle a small task might be beneficial, but he’ll benefit the most if he assists you with a major undertaking.

For You To Ask for Advice

The Things Men Want But Are Afraid To Ask For

Similar to what we said about the lightbulb, men must understand that you depend on them. And if you seek his counsel, it really makes him feel appreciated. So make sure to occasionally ask him for his opinion because he will love it but won’t ask you to.

Even if he isn’t very good at giving advice, getting a second opinion is sometimes beneficial. And even if you don’t agree, you can still thank him for his input.

For Your Honesty

The Things Men Want But Are Afraid To Ask For

Nobody enjoys being lied to, and although the sentiment is the same, it appears that men react to dishonesty very differently from women. Instead of telling a flat-out lie, why not say the truth in a way that is less upsetting? A partnership founded on deceit is doomed to failure.

By telling even small white lies, you are not being loving or helpful to anyone, nor are you defending their feelings. Just be mindful of the language you use when speaking the truth.

Want to read more fun stuff? These are the most common reasons people lie to their partners!

For Your Company

The Things Men Want But Are Afraid To Ask For

It should be a priority for both of you that the guy you’re seeing doesn’t have to ask for your company. However, if you’re incredibly busy, make time for him into your busy week without making it seem like you’re burdened by it.

Nobody wants to believe that they are a burden to others, after all. Additionally, the time you spend together can be used to create memories.

For You To Be Present

The Things Men Want But Are Afraid To Ask For

You can spend as much time with him as you like, but if you aren’t present (not just physically) when he needs you, it won’t seem like much of anything. Get off your phone or laptop and interact with your man fully when you are hanging out with him.

Direct eye contact strengthens interpersonal relationships, according to studies. Therefore, pay attention to the men in your life and treat them with respect.

For You To Like What He Likes (Or Make An Effort To)

The Things Men Want But Are Afraid To Ask For

Contraries are said to attract, which is a widely held belief among people who have different tastes. So it’s totally fine if you’re obsessed with Harry Potter but your boyfriend isn’t. And if we turn the situation around, it’s the same. It matters that you are interested in your partner enough to do some research.

Spend some time learning more about their passions and the reasons behind them. All it takes is a little work. And you might even stumble upon your own undiscovered love!

For You To Make Him Laugh

The Things Men Want But Are Afraid To Ask For

Life is so challenging, and we are constantly confronted with its challenges on a daily basis. However, not everything has to be serious, especially at home. With a few jokes, the burden can be easily reduced. With this one, we’re not expecting you to go full circus clown.

Instead, simply sharing a few amusing or bizarre things you came across online that day will do. These little morsels are a wonderful way to maintain a light atmosphere.

For You To Be His Friend

The Things Men Want But Are Afraid To Ask For

How often have you heard a couple declare their partner to be their best friend during an engagement or wedding speech? a lot, I assume? There’s a good reason why it’s a recurring theme. And the reason for that is that being able to function as friends outside of and within the context of your relationship is crucial.

Be friends who can confide in one another, who can uplift and support one another, and who can discipline one another.

For You To Make Him Feel Wanted

The Things Men Want But Are Afraid To Ask For

This specific point is one that is frequently connected to something that women want. But since we are all people, as we have repeatedly seen in this article, men occasionally require the same things that women do. Therefore, making your man feel desired is crucial.

Don’t forget to express your attraction to him. Furthermore, it need not always be exclusively sexual. You might find someone attractive based on their personality, humor, etc.

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