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These Are Costco’s Best Deals (And The Worst)

The mother of all discount retailers, Costco offers huge savings when purchasing in bulk. It’s also become well-known for its beloved food items, though some people may not be aware that some of these are currently unavailable or soon will be.

Although Costco has a large selection of products, not all of them are worthwhile purchasing. Here is a list of some Costco staples that have quietly been discontinued along with those that offer great value and those that don’t (warning: some of these are upsetting).

Purchase: Gasoline


You might as well fill up on gas while you’re picking up your household items and groceries for the upcoming month. Customers appreciate Costco’s and other discount retailers’ one-stop shopping services.

Every time you stop at the pump, whether you fill the tank to the top or to the brim, you’ll see the savings. You can save even more money by taking advantage of Costco’s gas-saving offers on specific products.

Don’t Purchase: Personalized Birthday Cakes


Coming up is Little Jimmy’s birthday, and he’s asked for a specially made baseball diamond complete with uniformed players. You would think Costco would be the ideal location to find a freshly baked cake that is ready to go.

Party planner, reconsider. Many Costco bakery staff members have only received basic training in writing scripts on cakes, and managers are even counseled to refer customers to other bakeries if their cake requests are a little overly ambitious.

Discontinued: Turkey Burgers


This one hurt when Costco decided to stop selling their Kirkland Signature Turkey Burgers a while back. These weren’t just tasty; they were also beneficial to your health. Each burger contained only 200 calories, minimal fat and carbohydrate content, and 35 grams of protein.

A petition to overturn this choice was also started, but it received relatively few signatures. Other turkey burger options are available at Costco, but they fall short of the venerable Kirkland Signature Turkey Burgers.

Purchase: Breakfast Cereal


Children adore cereal. According to them, sweet and crunchy flavors are appropriate for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. There is never a bad time to eat cereal, according to some adults.

Cereal is offered by Costco at prices that other grocery store chains simply cannot match, along with huge quantities. With the knowledge that each box has a reasonably long shelf life, fill those bowls to the brim.

Don’t Purchase: Books


One doesn’t typically consider Costco and other discount retailers as great places to buy some weekend reading material. Unexpectedly, most stores offer a section of discount books for customers to peruse on rows and rows of tables.

On these clearance tables, presentation isn’t exactly appealing, and prices aren’t quite as low as you might expect. It would be better for you to visit Amazon or Half Price Books to purchase those books you’ve been coveting.

Discontinued: Cinnamon Sugar Pretzels

Cinnamon Sugar Pretzels

Although this option isn’t quite as healthy as the turkey burgers, it is at least as delicious. The cinnamon sugar flavor of the soft pretzels in the food court was a particular favorite among customers. Churros are popular, but these pretzels were superior.

Although the reason for the superstore’s decision to stop selling these crowd-pleasers is unclear, it undoubtedly disappointed customers. The menu items served in the food court are reviewed and changed frequently by Costco. Few things, however, will be missed as much as these tiny bits of doughy heaven, that much is certain.

Buy: Olive Oil

Olive Oil

People are swarming to get the best deal on this Mediterranean delicacy because studies suggest that olive oil is a heart-healthy staple. Every day, we uncover new and delicious uses for it.

In addition to being inexpensive, Costco’s double pack of Kirkland olive oil is also of excellent quality, extra virgin, and organic. With this deal, there’s no need to limit it for your culinary endeavors.

Don’t Buy: Tissues


Running out of tissues during the cold and flu season is the worst. If you get sick this season, sneezing, runny noses, and congestion all beg for a little extra tender loving care—not to mention rest.

It’s amazing how quickly you can “blow” through a box of tissues from a discount brand. If you’re looking for a good bargain brand, you’re better off looking elsewhere because Kirkland’s brand of facial tissue isn’t particularly noteworthy.

Discontinued: Polish Dogs

 Polish Dogs

Aside from the amazing grocery discounts you can find at Costco, their food court offerings are very well-liked. As a result, when Costco decided to stop producing their adored Polish dogs, there was a huge uproar from the public.

According to Costco, they eliminated the product to make room on their food court menu for healthier options. After taking away our cherished Polish dog, they added an acai bowl, but a vegan snack of berries and granola just can’t compare to a delectable hot dog.

Buy: Kirkland Maple Syrup

Kirkland Maple Syrup

Pure maple syrup can’t really be replaced, in my opinion. It makes life a little bit sweeter whether you use it to bake with, add it to pancakes, or sneak a few sweet tablespoons into your coffee.

With its delicious and pure brand of maple syrup, Kirkland hits the mark. Costco offers the thick, sweet nectar for a significant discount compared to other vendors, who typically charge exorbitant prices.

Don’t Buy: Light Beer

Light Beer

Beer drinkers, it’s best to stick with your preferred brands when buying for weekend enjoyment. When cracking open a cold one, switching to a different brand will yield a less-than-pleasant experience.

Customers who have tried Kirkland Light Beer say it is a major letdown. Even some people said the beer “tasted like urine.” For Friday night flavor, stick with your preferred Corona or Budweiser.

Discontinued: All-American Chocolate Cake

Discontinued: All-American Chocolate Cake

The All-American Chocolate Cake was yet another adored product that sparked outrage when Costco decided to stop selling it. A Change.org petition was launched after Costco informed the public of the situation in an effort to persuade the retailer to change its ways.

The petition called Costco’s decision to stop producing the cake a “insult” because a seven-pound dessert of rich, chocolatey goodness was amazingly only $16.99. It doesn’t make the loss any easier to bear, even though we are aware that the 13,000 calories in this cake were not great for our health.

Buy: Ground Beef

Ground Beef

Many families prefer to keep ground beef on hand because it makes meal preparation simple when advance planning is not possible. Costco’s bulk purchases will lead to considerable savings and some delectable dinners.

Make sure to separate and freeze ground meat in smaller quantities when purchasing it in bulk. The 10-pound chub at Costco is the best option because it is simple to prepare and has superior flavor thanks to its marbling of high-quality fats.

Don’t Buy: Ground Coffee

Ground Coffee

Most Americans need at least one cup of coffee to get through the day. You’ll enjoy the savory beverage packed with natural energy, whether you sip it with an afternoon cruller or need it to peel your eyelids back in the morning.

Unfortunately, you’d be better off shopping somewhere else if you need bulk ground coffee because as soon as you break the vacuum-packed seal, your coffee will stop tasting as good and being as fresh as you remember it from the day before.

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Discontinued: BBQ Beef Brisket Sandwich

BBQ Beef Brisket Sandwich

Many would contend that the BBQ beef brisket sandwich was the best thing to purchase from Costco’s renowned food court. They were certainly disappointed—if not outright indignant—that they could no longer purchase this delectable sandwich.

For many people, the combination of creamy coleslaw, tart barbecue sauce, and pulled beef was mouthwatering. Sadly, Costco made the decision to discontinue this popular product along with a cup of chili, which some people found to be rather subpar.

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