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Tik Tok is Not Just Kids Dancing Around

Believe it or not, it’s true. There are videos out there that have no purpose but to ”entertain” but we found some cool hacks you need to check out if you are using digital products for your everyday job.

You Can Get Paid Per Search


This is crazy! Save this one for later! 🤯🔥 #money #howtosavemoney #couponing

♬ original sound – aakaanksh

Find Out More About Other People – Easily

and careful what you leave on the internet

Unblur Everything

Get Yourself Some Free Books

Facial Recognition – Next Level


Power of Facial Recognition: How to use a photo of someone’s face to find all of their posts on social media 😨😰😱 #original #developer #fyp #foryou

♬ original sound – Speer

Find Password for Every Website on Any Browser


TikTok removed this.. get it back to to your #fyp feed 😖

♬ original sound – Speer

We will find more hacks and post them in one of our future articles. Let us know what you think about these cool things, and if they work.

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