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What happened to the James Bond women?

The stunningly gorgeous women who appear in James Bond movies have almost as much fame as 007 himself. Fans frequently have strong opinions about their favorite Bond girls in addition to strong opinions about whether Sean Connery was the best Bond or not and which of the films is the most memorable.

But regardless of whether one thinks of Honey Ryder’s iconic entrance, Vesper Lynd in her purple dress, or Jill Masterson decked out in gold, it’s universally acknowledged that the women 007 becomes involved with are all attractive. Some of these actresses kept their stunning appearance years after playing a Bond paramour, but others lost it in the intervening years. Check out the all-time rankings of James Bond’s ex-girlfriends, then pour yourself a drink that has been shaken, not stirred.

41. Stacey Sutton- Tanya Roberts- A view to a Kill: Bond Women

Bond Women

Stacey Sutton, the owner of Sutton Oil company, has competition with Maxx Zorin who wants to take over the company. Sutton reduced Zorin`s offer of $ 5 million. When Bond found out about the check, he approached her at her house. At first, Stacey is combative and points a gun at Bond. But when several of Zorin’s goons showed up to convince Stacey to sell, Bond dealt with them and won her confidence. The two succeeded in killing Zorin despite surviving an assault on their life.

Tanya Roberts now

Bond Women

Tanya Roberts was one of the finest and sexiest actresses of her time. She died at the age of Seventy-Two. Roberts starred in various famous movies and dramas. Some of her great works are Charlie angel, Sheena, That 70s show, and many more. Also, she was very beautiful.

40. Octopussy-Maud Adams- Octopussy: Bond Women

Bond Women

The girls of Octopussy’s all-female floating island performed as entertainers for a carnival that served as a cover for a jewelry smuggling ring. She conspired with Kamal Khan, who took the jewelry for himself and attempted to assassinate Octopussy. Bond rewarded Octopussy for saving his life by also saving hers. The ballerina girls row for Bond and Octopussy as they sail into the sunlight after murdering Khan.

Maud Admas Now

Bond Women

Maud Adams is a famous Swedish actress who is popular for her appearance in two Bond movies. They are Man with golden guns and Octopussy. Some of her other films are Rollerball, Killer Force, and many more. She is now 78 years old.

39. Bibi Dahl-Lynn-Holly Johnson-For your eyes only: Bond Women

Bond Women

Bibi Dahl is a young ice skate player who is recruited by Agent Kristatoss. She was fond of bonds physically and psychologically. But the bond never got attached to her because of her young age. At the end of the day, Kristatos was killed and sponsored by Columbo.

Lynn Holy Johnson

Bond Women

Holy johnson is a former ice skater and actress in real life. She has been nominated for the Golden Globe award and starred in various famous films like Ice Castles, The Sister Hoods, Matt Houstons, and many more. Johnson is 65 years old now.

38. Manuela-Emily Bolton-Moonraker: Bond Women

Bond Women

Manuela was an agent in the Moonraker movie. She was from Station VH. She followed Bond as soon as he stepped out of the airport in Reo, and by the moment he showed up at his hotel, she had already started mixing him a vodka Martini in his suite’s minibar. The assassin Jaws almost murdered Manuela, who had assisted Bond in finding one of Hugo Drax’s facilities, but she appeared to be a burden.

Emily Bolton Now

Emily Bolton was a dutch born American actress who became famous and starred in James Bond’s movie Moonraker. She is very beautiful and is now 72 years old.

37. Corinne Dufour- Corinne Clery- Moonraker: Bond Women

Bond Women

Dufour was an important character in the Moonraker movie. She is Draxxs assistant and pilot. She flew with Bond to Draxs place and introduced him to Drax. But Bond played his charm and seduced her to find out the draxx`s documents. In the end, we can see that their cover of Corine has been blown up, and she was killed by Drax’s dogs.

Corinne Clery Now

Bond Women

Clery was mainly from France and is now 72 years old. Some of her famous works are The Story of O, Hitch hikes, Moonraker, and many more. She is very appealing, and her smile can attract any man very easily. Also, she does lots of social work in her life.

36. Holly Goodreads-Lois Chiles-Moonraker: Bond Women

Bond Women

Holly Goodreads was a CIA agent who was working for the Hugo Draxx Organization. She spent a total night with Bond, having sex and then going to meet at the top of sugarloafs mountains. Jaws try to kill both of them, and everybody understands that Holly is an agent. Bond escapes and rescues Holly. In the end, they shot down Drax`s globes and saved the world.

Lois Chiles Now

Lois chiles is a former model and actress from America. One of her most famous works is Moonraker which is a Bond series. Other popular works of Chiles are Creep shows two, The Great Gatsby, Death on the Niles, and many more. She is 75 years old now.

35. Felicca-Olga Bisera- The Spy who loved me: Bond Women

Felicca-Olga Bisera- The Spy who loved me

Felicca is one of the most important characters of The Spy Who Loved Me Movie. She has been working with Aziz Fekesh, who is a microfilms seller of submarine tracking systems. Felicca tried to entertain Bond, and Felicia saved her from Sandor’s shooting. Felicca takes all the bullets on her and dies.

Olga Bisera Now

Olga Bisera is an Italian film actress known as Bisera Vukotic there. Some of her famous films are Castie Keep, Womens in cell Blocks 7, Safari rally, and many more. She is 76 years old now.

34. Naomi-Caroline Munro- The Spy Who Loved Me: Bond Women

Naomi-Caroline Munro- The Spy Who Loved Me

Naomi was a great character in Bonds movie named The spy who loved me. She was an aid for stromberg and escorted bond amasova to the oceanic citadel at Atlantis. After the meeting ended, Stromberg ordered henchmen to kill some spies. So Bond is driving to lotus espirit with amasova in an intense chase of a car. It is so intense because some henchmen throw sidecar missiles and shoot them with helicopters too. At the last moment, we get to see Bond kill Naomis helicopter with an air missile.

Caroline Munro Now

Bond Women

Caroline Munro was a great actress of her time. She appeared in various movies between the seventies and eighties. Munro still works in the industry, and most of them are very popular. Some of her great works are Casino Royale, starcrash, Maniac, Faceless, The Boo Show, and many more. Caroline is 74 years old.

33. Log Cabin Girl-Sue Vanner- The Spy who loved me: Bond Women

 Log Cabin Girl-Sue Vanner- The Spy who loved me

The log cabin girl is a small but significant character played by Sue Vanner in The spy who loved me movie. She was a KGB Agent and curled up under some furs on the floor of the cabin. M sent a message to Bond`s wrist watch which was very important. The most interesting scene is When Bond tries to leave, and the Log cabin girl says that she needs Bond. But replied that England also needed him and left the place.

Sue Vanner Now

Bond Women

Sue Vanner is another bond girl who is very famous and appealing. She is also a singer and model. Sue Vanner was popular during her time. Some of her famous works are Adventure of a taxi driver, Nighthawk, Minder, Triangle, Return to waterlo, and many more. She is seventy-two years old now.

32. Miss Caruso-Madeline Smith- Live and Let Die: Bond Women

Miss Caruso-Madeline Smith- Live and Let Die

Miss Caruso played the role of an Italian secret service Agent. She created an overnight relationship with Bond and slept with her. That time, in the early morning, the doorbell rings, and Bond goes there to find M, the announcer of an urgent mission. Also, they were looking for another agent from Italy named Caruso.

Madeline Smith Now

Madeline Smith is a sexy bombshell of the industry of her time. She started her career as a Disc cartonist. But for her beautiful appealing body figure and smile, Madeline quickly called for movies and Tv series. Some of her famous works are Percies Progress, The Love ban, Theatre of Love, Jeepers Creepers, and many more. Madeline is 73 years old now.

31. Bambi-Lola Larson- Diamonds are Forever: Bond Women

Bambi-Lola Larson- Diamonds are Forever

In the Bond movies series, we get to know that Bond is looking for Blofled to take revenge for her Wifes death. By following him, Bond gets into Cairo. She interrogates a gambler about Blofleds. Here Bond finds Marie, and Marie asks him what she can do for him. Bond replies theres something in Marie’s chest he wants to get off and then remove her bra. After that, strangle him with it and get his information.

Lola Larson now

Lola Larson is a very famous bond girl and actress of her time. She died in 2020 at the age of 95. But Larson never appeared in Hollywood after the Bond series movie called Diamonds are Forever. This talented and promising actress lives the rest of her life touring and doing social work.

30. Thumper-Trina Parks- Diamonds are Forever: Bond Women

Thumper-Trina Parks- Diamonds are Forever

Thumper is a great villain character in the Movie name Diamonds are Forever. In the concluding scene of the movie, we get to see Thumpers and Bambi fighting with Bond. Amazingly they fight greatly with Bond and throw him into the pool. At this moment, Bond changes the game and beats them perfectly.

Trina Parks now

Trina Parks is 78 years old American actress popular around the world. In addition to her acting, she is also good at singing, dancing, being a dance instructor, and many more. Parks is mainly famous for her role in Bond`s series movie named Diamonds are forever.Helga Brandt-Karin Dor- You only lives twice.

29. Helga Bandit-Karin Dor- You only live Twice: Bond Women

Helga Brandt-Karin Dor- You only lives twice.

Helga Brandt was a SPECTRE operative who feigned to get romantically involved with Bond and join his cause before attempting to assassinate him the next morning. Blofeld, the chief of SPECTRE, kills Brandt by dropping her into a pool of piranha fish as retaliation for her failure to murder Bond. Since the filmmakers attempted to duplicate their former success, Helga Brandt was very comparable to previous Bond girl Fiona Volpe.

Karin Dor Now

Karin Dor is a German-born actress who is famous for her sexy and bombshell figure. She became famous worldwide after doing the Bond series movie named You only live twice. Also, Karin Dor starred in movies like Topaz and many more. She died at the age of seventy eight in a car accident.

28. Ling(Tsai Chin) You only Live Twice: Bond Women

Ling-Tsai Chin-Tsai Chin

In the film’s early scenes, Bond and Ling are shown speaking in bed about how Chinese females taste different from other girls. As Ling pushes a button, the bed is launched through the wall, and two assassins arrive in the space to murder Bond. The viewer learns later that Ling assisted in staging Bond’s demise in hopes of keeping his adversaries at bay. She was one of the unique characters in this movie, and the audience loved her role very much.

Tsai Chin Now

Tsai Chin is a popular Chinese actress both in China and around the world. Beside her acting, Chin is also a teacher, director, and writer too. Chin is also called Zhou Caiqin in china. Some of her famous movies and dramas are The Joys Luck Club, The Subjects of Struggles, You Only Live Twice, Casino royales, and many more. Also, she starred in various Television dramas in both America and china. Chin`s autobiography was a best-selling book. She is 90 years old now.

27. Aki(Akiko Wakabayashi)- You only live twice: Bond Women

Aki-Akiko Wakabayashi- You only live twice

Working under Tiger Tanaka, the head of the Japanese intelligence organization, Aki was a high operative. She deceived Bond into passing beyond a trap door that launched him through a steel slide and into Tanaka’s office because she was self-assured and independent. She frequently saved Bond’s life while operating a Toyota 2000GT. An assassin attempted to poison Bond in the middle of the movie but accidentally poisoned Aki instead.

Akiko Wakabayashi Now

Akiko Walabayshi is a famous English speaking Japanese actress who is famous for her role in James Bond movie. Also, she starred in various movies like Dagoras, the space monsters, and many more. Walabaysi is very appealing to watch.

26. Miss Taro(Zena Marshall) Dr. No: Bond Women

Miss Taro-Zena Marshall- Dr. No

Miss Taro played a spy in the Bond movie named Dr. No. She got a job in the government house of Jamaica for the purpose of stealing important and secret files. Also, she created a trap for Bond`s killing and, for that reason, invited him for dinner. But James Bond easily finds the trap and takes her out with the help of his men.

Zena Marshall Now

Zena Marshall is a great British actress who is popular for her great smile and bombshell figure. She died at the age of 83 years. Marshall started her career by doing small characters. Some of her famous works are Caeser and Cleopatras, Those Magnificents Mens in Their Flying Machines, and many more.

25. Bonita(Nadja Regin) Goldfinger: Bond Women

Bonita-Nadja Regin- Goldfinger

In the thrilling pre-title scene of Goldfinger, Bond uses plastic explosives to destroy the drug baron’s operations and thwart his plans. Before departing, Bond attends to some unfinished business before joining Bonita in the bathroom. The outing ends up being a trap when Bonita seduces Bond, and a henchman knocks him out. Bond knocks Bonita over the head after spotting the reflection in her eyes, and the henchman is electrocuted in the bathtub. “Shocking. Shockingly positive “Before exiting the room, Bond says.

Nadja Regin Now

Nadja Regin is a great actress and is popular for her amazing appearance in the movies. She has starred in various famous movies and dramas. This actor was part of various movie companies too. Nadja died at the age of 87.

24. Kara Milovy-Maryam d’Abo- The Living Daylights: Bond Women

Kara Milovy-Maryam d'Abo- The Living Daylights

Kara Milovy was the partner of Koskov who is actually a traitor. She was playing from both sides. He was aware that Bond, who was tasked with protecting Koskov, would kill her. She was not really a specialist, but Bond could tell that, so he decided not to murder her. After Koskov’s treachery was exposed, Bond met Milovy by pretending to be Koskov’s buddy. She became his confidante once he disclosed who he was, giving him a courageous ally for his objective.

Maryam d’Abo

Maryam dAbo was a famous actress of her time and was mainly famous for her role in Jame bonds movie named The living daylights. Also, she has starred in more than Fifty movies and some of them are The sea change, An American Affair, Red Shoe Diaries, and many more. Maryam is 62 years old now.

23. Vida (Aliza Gur) From Russia With Love: Bond Women

Vida- Aliza Gur- From Russia With Love

Vida is another character in an intense fight in a gypsy camp. and Zora are always seen fighting, strangling, and scratching each other throughout the whole movie. In this camp, we get to see an unknown dangerous assassin attack to kill Kerim Bey. James’ bond saves his life of him, and with his request for a bond, they stop their fights. Also, these two bombshell women entertain and bond in the evening.

Aliza Gur Now

Aliza Gur is an Israel-born actress and is now 79 years old. Before coming to the industry, Aliza was Miss Israel. At the beginning of her career, she acted in various television series like Get Smart, The Wild Wild West, From Russia with Love, and many more. Aliza Gur is very sexy and appealing, and people love her very much.

22. Zora(Martine Beswick)- From Russia with Love: Bond Women

Zora-Martine Beswick- From Russia with Love

Zora is a side character from Jame bond`s movie named From Russia with love. In the movie, we get to see Karim bey take a bond to the head station in Istanbul. This was a gypsy camp, actually. In there, Vida and Zora always fight with each other very dangerously. Also, this actress returns after three years in a bond movie named Thunderball.

Martine Beswick Now

Martine Beswick was mainly from Jamaica and is now 81 years old. She was an English actress and model. Beswick was part of some of the actors who were part of the Two Bond series movies. Also, she was part of various tv shows like Six Million dollars man, Fantasy Islands, Falcon crests, and many more.

21. Teressa di Vicenzzo (Diana Rigg) On her majesty’s Secret Services: Bond Women

Teresa di Vicenzo-Diana Rigg- On her majesty's Secret Service

Teresa di Vicenzo is one of the most important characters in the James Bond series movies. She becomes Mrs. Tracy Bond at the end of this movie. But at the beginning of the movie, Vicenzo is very troubled about her life and suicidal in nature. James Bond rescued her from the goons, and she fell in love with him. They wed very soon and traveled around the world with her. But unfortunately, she is kiLL by Blofeld, and the beautiful journey ends.

Diana Rigg Now

Diana Rigg is a British actress from London who started as a theatre actress in her career. She is famous for her acting in dramas in theatre. Diana Rigg was very beautiful, sexy, confident, and appealing. Rigg starred in various famous movies and series like The Avengers, Goldfinger, and many more. She died at the age of 82 in her home in London.

20. Ruby Bartletts(Angela Scoulars) On her Majesty’s Secret Service: Bond Women

Bond Women-

Ruby Barlett played one of the Angels of death in Bond’s movie named On Her Majesty’s Secret Servics. Mainly she was brought to Blofeld’s swiss clinic to solve chicken allergy problems. But Blofled hypnotized her like others to fulfill his evil intentions. Blofeld`s main intention is to spread crop virus around the country. Then she met with Bond and helped him to stop Blofled.

Angela Scoular

Bond Women-

Angela was one of the famous Bond women and starred in the Bond movies on Her Majesty’s Secret services. But in her last life, she wasn’t happy. Angela died by drinking acid-cleaning liquid at the age of 65. Some of her neighbors said Angela was addicted to alcohol and drugs. Also, she has many debts on her.

19. Nancy (Catherine Schell) On her Majesty’s Secret Service

Bond Women-

Nancy is an important character in the Bond series movie named On her majesty’s secret service. She was sneaking into the bond room when Bond was searching for something important inside Ruby Bartlett`s room in the Swiss Clinic.

Catherine Schell Now

Bond Women

Catherine Schell is a Hungarian actress who is famous for her bombshell figure and sexy smile. Some of her famous works are The Return of the Pink Panther, City of Death, and many more. Nancy is 78 years old now and living with her family.

18. Plenty O’Tooles (Lana Woods) Diamond are Forever

Bond Women

Plenty O’Toole is a character from Bond`s franchise movie named Diamonds are Forever. She was a gold digger kind of person and always tried to seduce men with her appealing bombshell figures. Plenty always inspired people to gamble, but if they lost, she left them. As a habit, she heard James Bond calling for Ten thousand dollars in chips. Bond wins, and she goes to suit him. In their Tiffany case, already waiting for him, and mobsters kick plenty out of the suit.

Lana Wood Now

Bond Women-

Lana Wood is a famous American actress and producer of her time. Wood started her career as a child actress. Wood was mostly famous for her roles in Peyton Place and Diamonds are forever. Lara is now 71 years old and living with her daughter in Los Angeles.

17. Private Jet Hostess (Leila Shenna) Moonraker

Bond Women

Leila Shenna played the role of Private jet hostess in Moonmaker. In the main part of the movie we get to see that Bond was in a private jet with a hostess during the last leg of the mission. In that very moment Bond was thrown out of the plane without the parachute. We never get to know the fate of the hostess in the movie. But this scene was very entertaining and thrilling to watch.

Leila Shenna Now

Bond Women

Leila Shenna is a promising and underrated actress from 1970`s. She starred in various movies during that time and some of her movies are Moonmaker, March or die, Sex Power, Sandstrom and many more.

16. Jinx (Rosamund Pike) Die Another Day

Bond Women

Die Another Day is a famous film from the Bond series and was released on the 40th anniversary of the series. Jinx was a member of the NSA and was hired to kill Zao. She was very hot and sexy in the movie. In her introduction scene, we get to see her rising out of the sea in a bikini with a knife attached to the side.

Rosamund Pike now

Bond Women-

Rosamund Pike is a famous actress from Britain with a beautiful smile and lots of hit movies. Some of her famous movies are Die Another Day, Doom, Fracture, Jack Reacher, Gone Girl, and many more. Pike got many awards in her life and married Simon Woods and Robie Uniacke in her life. Now this bondwoman is an investor in the psychedelic-inspired meditation app Lumenate.

15. Dr. Molly Warmsflash- Serenaa Scott Thomas- The world is not enough

Bond Women

Molly Warmflash is an important character in the Bond series movie named The World is not enough. She played the role of chief medical officer at MI16. She met Bond to give clearance to continue his duty, as we all know that Bond has a problem with dislocated collar bone. Bond was not clear to go for the duty, but she seduced Molly to clear her. One of the funny things is Molly said in the report that Bond has exceptional stamina.

Serena Scott Now

Bond Women-

Serena Harriet is a great actor and famous for her appealing figure. She starred in various movies, television series, and documentaries like The World is not enough, Brothel, Inherent vice, and many more. Serena is 43 years old, and people still love her more than anything.

13. Severin- Bérénice Marlohe- Skyfall: Bond Women-

Bond Women- Severin- Bérénice Marlohe- Skyfall

Severine played a part in a movie named Skyfall. She faced many problems at a young age but overcame all her odds. We can see that Severine met Bond in a casino. Bond offers to kill Silva and promises that she will be free after that. Bond killed two of Severines bodyguards and flew to saliva's private home. But unfortunately caught them, and Silva asked Bond to kill her. The scenario was like this, Silva put a glass of scotch on Severines head and asked Bond to shoot. she missed it, but Severine shot herself.

Berenice Marhole Now

Berenice Marhole is a French actress with lots of successful movies and dramas. Her career got a boost by starring as an anti-heroine in the Bond series movie Skyfall. She is also part of dramas like five to seven, Valley of Gods, Weightless, and many more. Marhole is 43 years old now and still works in this industry.

12. Camille Montes-Olga Kurylenko- Quantum of Solace: Bond Women-

Bond Women- Camille Montes-Olga Kurylenko- Quantum of Solace

Camille Montes was an important character in the Quantum of Solace movie, which is a part of the Bond series. In this movie, we get to see that Monte’s family was murder by General Medrano. She tried to get her hand on Medrano. So she created a relationship with Greece which was a business partner of Medrano. But Montes`s plan failed, and she saved herself by an inch. And at last, she teamed up with Bon and killed Medrano and Greene.

Olga Kurylenko Now

Olga Kurylenko is a famous Ukrainian actress and popular all around the world for her acting ability. She has been part of various famous movies like Max Payne, Hitman, Black Widow, and many more. Kurylenko accepted French nationality in 2001 and married Damian Gabrielle in 2006.

11. Bond Women- Strawberry Fields- Gemma Arterton- Quantum of Solace

Bond Women- Strawberry Fields- Gemma Arterton- Quantum of Solace

In this Bond series, named Quantum of Solace, we get to see an MI6 officer working in the British Consulate. Her name is Strawberry Fields. The British Consulate hired her to take care of Bond and ensure that Bond 007 comes back home safely. But she was unable to do that and went to Dominic Greenes fundraiser with him. Also, Fields helps Bond to escape greens henchmen. But Greene killed her for that. Arterton played the role of Strawberry Fields in this movie.

Gemma Arterton Now

Bond Women- Strawberry Fields- Gemma Arterton- Quantum of Solace

Gemma Arterton is a household name in the industry for dramas and tv series. She married another famous actor called Rory Keenan, in 2019. They lived in London in the luxurious Batersea lodgings. Arterton starred in movies like 100 Street. The Escapes. Hears Her: Leading Lady Part. Vita and Virginias. It’s Me, Sugars, and many more.

10. Bond Women-Domino Derval( Claudine Auger)- Thunderball 1965

Bond Women-Domino Derval( Claudine Auger)- Thunderball 1965

Domino Derval was playing the mistress role of Spectre agent Emilio Largo. Largo was responsible for Domino`s brother, but Domino never knew that. So Bond takes this thing as an advantage and tries to get dominoes on his side. So Bond meets him as a rescuer and untraps Domino’s flipper from the coral. By this incident, Domino starts to believe in Bond and starts to plot against Largo Bond.

Claudine Auger Now

claudine-auger-bond Women

Claudine Auger was one of the sexiest and most appealing actresses of her time. Auger started her career as a local model. But for her beauty and sense of humor, Auger quickly achieved success in her career. She became the Miss World runners-up in 1958. This was the first push to her career. Then she quickly signed up for some big films like The Iron Mask, Thunderball, A few hours of sunlight, and Flic story. Claudine Auger is consider as one of the biggest movie stars in France and Italy of her time. She died on 18th December 2019 when she was 78 years old.

9. Wai Lin (Michelle Yeoh) – Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)

10 – Wai Lin (Michelle Yeoh) – Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)

Wai Lin is a spy for the Ministry of State Security of the People’s Republic of China in Pierce Brosnan’s second Bond film, Tomorrow Never Dies. She has been promoted to the rank of colonel, and her proficiency in martial arts makes her a formidable opponent for anyone who comes into contact with her.

When she is dispatched to look into media mogul Elliot Carver and the rumors that he is attempting to escalate a war between China and the UK, she meets Bond. The two manage to get away from Carver’s goons and even sink his ship, killing the villain in the process.

Michelle Yeoh Today

Michelle Yeoh Today

Michelle Yeoh, a Malaysian actress, became well-known in the 1990s after appearing in several Hong Kong action movies. She is the ideal choice for action sequences due to her extensive martial arts training and experience, as evidenced by her Academy Award-winning performance in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

Yeoh has acted in a number of movies in Cantonese, Mandarin, and English. Her other notable roles can be seen in Memoirs Of A Geisha, Kung Fu Panda 2, and Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings, all of which perfectly showcase both her acting and physical prowess. She would play the lead in the romantic comedy Crazy Rich Asians in 2018.

8. Anya Amasova (Barbara Bach) – The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)

9 – Anya Amasova (Barbara Bach) – The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)

Soviet intelligence agent Anya Amasova works for the KGB. She made such a convincing impression in the 1977 movie The Spy Who Loved Me that her persona was adapted for both a book and a tabletop role-playing game starring other James Bond characters.

Bond and Amasova both have similar mission objectives and goals as they journey through Egypt. Their desire to outperform one another in completing their respective missions is at the heart of their attraction to one another. The outcome involves a risky escape, followed by both parties rejoicing in each other’s arms over their accomplishments.

Barbara Bach Today

Barbara Bach Today

American actress and model Barbara Bach. She became one of the most sought-after faces of the 1960s thanks to her modeling career, showing up on the covers of publications like Seventeen and Vogue USA. Future opportunities in television and film also resulted from this.

Bach first appeared as Nausicaa in L’Odissea, an Italian television adaptation of Homer’s The Odyssey. About ten years after making her film debut, she would land the role of Amasova after American film producers recognized and praised her work. She has appeared in 28 films, but she is no longer an actor. She and her husband Ringo Starr co-founded a nonprofit organization that supports addiction recovery in the 1990s.

7. Tatiana Romanova (Daniela Bianchi) – From Russia With Love (1964) 

8 – Tatiana Romanova (Daniela Bianchi) – From Russia With Love (1964) 

In the movie From Russia With Love, Tatiana Romanova, a Soviet army corporal, serves as seductive bait in a cunning scheme to exact revenge on James Bond. Her feelings for the attractive secret agent cause her to abruptly change her allegiances to her mission and her country.

In order to protect herself and her new boyfriend, Tatiana turns on the former mastermind of this nefarious scheme at the end of the mission and shoots her. She and Sean Connery’s Bond sail off into the sunset after any proof of plot twists is destroyed.

Daniela Bianchi Today

Daniela Bianchi Today

The Italian actress Daniela Bianchi is most well-known for playing Bond girl Tatiana Romanova. She was raised in Rome and briefly participated in the beauty pageant scene before landing the part in the second Bond movie. She was an obvious choice to star alongside 007 due to her ethereal beauty and dancer’s elegance. However, due to her strong Italian accent, Barbara Jefford ends up voicing her lines.

Despite the movie’s success, Bianchi had no desire to become a famous Hollywood actor. She would eventually make an appearance in Operation Kid Brother, a James Bond spoof starring Neil Connery, Sean Connery’s younger brother, after several smaller French and Italian movies. After formally retiring from acting in 1970, she settled down and wed shipping tycoon Alberto Cameli, who died in 2018.

6. Rosie Carver (Gloria Hendry) – Live And Let Die (1973)

7 – Rosie Carver (Gloria Hendry) – Live And Let Die (1973)

Rosie Carver, a rogue CIA agent, is tasked with killing James Bond in the movie Live and Let Die. She finds herself involved in a tryst that puts both 007 and her in danger at the hands of the villain Dr. Kanaga as a result of several poor judgment calls.

Rosie’s lack of professional experience and the added strain of being a double agent ultimately tragically result in her death. The character’s creator, Gloria Hendry, would go down in history as the first Black woman to portray a James Bond love interest.

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Gloria Hendry Today

Gloria Hendry Today

Gloria Hendry began her career as a Playboy bunny in New York’s prestigious club before flawlessly portraying Rosie Carver in Live And Let Die. She would eventually catch the attention of director Daniel Mann there.

Hendry’s first acting role came when she was chosen to play Sidney Poitier’s opposite in the movie For Love Of Ivy. She received several other small roles after that as she progressed toward becoming a Bond girl. She would eventually finish Gloria, a memoir about her experience in acting and modeling. In the 2012 film Freaky Deaky, she made her most recent movie appearance.

5. Tilly Masterson (Tania Mallet) – Goldfinger (1964)

6 – Tilly Masterson (Tania Mallet) – Goldfinger (1964)

Tania Mallet was cast as the Bond girl in Goldfinger, despite the fact that the majority of the other Bond girls had some acting experience to draw from. An explicit photo of the blonde beauty in a bathing suit helped to seal the deal.

Masterson is unaware that her days are numbered as she circles Bond as the two pursue Goldfinger around the world. Despite Bond’s efforts to save her, she meets her untimely death at the hands of the notorious henchman Oddjob. Thankfully, she succeeds in stopping Goldfinger and getting back at him for her sister.

Tania Mallet Today

Tania Mallet Today

Tania Mallet, an Englishwoman, was born into an aristocratic family, which helped launch her into the spotlight from a young age. Before even making her film debut in Goldfinger, she started modeling when she was a young child and continued to advance in the industry.

She was a valuable but transient member of the Bond girl team, with her character of Tilly Masterson meeting her demise, thanks to her successful modeling career. In 1976, she went back to modeling, claiming that her film contracts put her in danger of losing her freedom. At the age of 77, she died in 2019.

4. Jill Masterson (Shirley Eaton) – Goldfinger (1964)

5 – Jill Masterson (Shirley Eaton) – Goldfinger (1964)

Jill Masterson is a woman who works for the bad guy Goldfinger and helps him rig high-stakes card games. She is found to be in a vulnerable position, but Bond is able to win her trust and turn on the main antagonist. This ultimately turns out to be Masterson’s final sentence.

Despite spending only ten minutes on the screen, Masterson makes a lasting impression. One of the most recognizable scenes in James Bond movie history is the image of her lifeless gold body lying on the bed. Tilly, Jill’s sister, teams up with Bond in an effort to avenge Jill’s passing but meets a similar end at Goldfinger’s hands.

Shirley Eaton Today

Shirley Eaton Today

Before being cast in several films, Shirley Eaton began her career as a singing sensation on stage, performing in variety shows all over the UK. She transitioned into comedy roles, appearing alongside British comedy greats like Jimmy Edwards, Max Bygraves, and Arthur Askey at the time.

Jill Masterson from Goldfinger has by far been her most popular role. She would even make a famous appearance in all gold on the cover of Life magazine. After Bond, she would appear in a number of movies before retiring in 1969 because she missed her children too much. In the end, she released Golden Girl, an autobiography, in 1999.

3. Sylvia Trench (Eunice Gayson) – Dr. No, From Russia With Love (1964)

Bond Women

An unusual occurrence for any of Bond’s flames, Sylvia Trench makes appearances in the first two movies, Dr. No and From Russia with Love. When she first meets the spy, she introduces herself as Sylvia Trench before giving her full name. His reply, “Bond, James Bond,” would go on to become a renowned character trademark.

Bond is quickly drawn to Sylvia because of her outspokenness and brazenness, and despite his constant globetrotting in search of the next villain bent on world conquest, 007 finds time for Sylvia in between dodging bullets and meeting with Russian officials.

Eunice Gayson Today

Bond Women

English-born actress Eunice Gayson had a fruitful career in both television and movies. Her most notable performances included The Revenge Of Frankenstein, a horror movie, and The Saint, a television series that, ironically, starred Roger Moore, a future Bond actor.

Gayson was initially cast to play Miss Moneypenny in Dr. No, but actress Lois Maxwell, who was supposed to play Sylvia Trench, decided to play Moneypenny instead because she thought the part was too immodest. She continued to perform frequently in London theater productions after the Bond movies until her death at the age of 90 in 2018.

2. P. Galore (Honor Blackman) – Goldfinger (1964)

Bond Women

In the movie that bears his name, P. Galore plays the role of Goldfinger, a smuggler. Their flying circus show, which they run with a group of female pilots, serves as a cover for a sinister smuggling operation tasked with the enormous task of infiltrating the gold stored at Fort Knox in America.

Galore initially resisted his advances and managed to hold her own, but she eventually succumbs to 007’s allure. Galore helps Bond bring down Goldfinger’s operation, which prevents the villain from stealing billions by infiltrating Fort Knox.

Honor Blackman Today

Honor Blackman Today

Honor Blackman’s parents invested in giving her acting and music lessons to prepare her for success because she knew from a young age that she wanted to pursue a career in entertainment. Before she would later find success on the theater stage, her training would undoubtedly pay off with a breakthrough role in the movie Fame Is The Spur.

She stood out from other actresses due to her commitment to studying judo, which helped her get ready for the role of Cathy Gale in the television series The Avengers. She could use this in the Goldfinger movie as well. In addition to producing Word of Honor in 2006, Blackman would go on to act in numerous plays and movies. At the age of 94, Blackman passed away in April of 2020.

1. Honey Ryder (Ursula Andress) – Dr. No (1962)

1 – Honey Ryder (Ursula Andress) – Dr. No (1962)

Honey Ryder made an appearance in Dr. No, the first Bond film, released in 1962. In contrast to the lead actor Sean Connery, the character would go down in history as the first Bond girl. She would slowly emerge from the water in her white bathing suit, creating an iconic entrance that would go down in movie history.

007 first came across this gorgeous blonde beachgoer while he was looking for seashells. Bond matched her aggressive independence move for move. The excellent performance of actress Ursula Andress became the benchmark for future women who would compete with the secret agent.

Ursula Andress Today

Ursula Andress Today

Ursula Andress would later go on to have roles in a variety of other movies, but she is undoubtedly best known for having the unique distinction of being the first Bond girl. She expresses her gratitude to Dr. No for opening the door to her future employment by claiming, “This bikini made me into a success.”

Hollywood executives who wanted to take advantage of her natural beauty and charismatic on-screen presence snatched her up after her breakout role in An American in Rome. She later appeared in a number of movies alongside Elvis Presley, another legend of the time. She currently divides her time between Rome and Switzerland, creating art during the day.

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