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These Not-So-Obvious Characteristics Of Highly Intelligent People

In our society, intelligence is typically gauged by a person’s performance on a test, their educational background, or their line of work. But there are so many other characteristics that are linked to high intelligence that are rarely taken into account.

There is more than one type of intelligence. Even though they may constantly want to learn new things, some people have memory problems. It’s difficult to find someone who you could categorize as intelligent in every sense of the word. While some indicators of intelligence are readily apparent, there are a number of others that are less noticeable. These are some less obvious characteristics of highly intelligent individuals.


These Not-So-Obvious Characteristics Of Highly Intelligent People

It appears that a lot of equipment is designed with right-handed users in mind. Additionally, as their hand moves across the writing surface, left-handers constantly smear ink and graphite. For those who write with their left hand, dealing with those headaches might not be entirely bad.

The psychologist and author Maria Konnikova published an article in The New Yorker in 1995 that her left-handed readers probably found to be amusing. She said that in a study group, researchers discovered that left-handed men performed better on tests of divergent thought. It’s interesting that left-handed people might be more intelligent than right-handed people given that the majority of people are right-handed, no pun intended.

Taking Music Lessons

These Not-So-Obvious Characteristics Of Highly Intelligent People

Studies have found that people who have taken music lessons, whether as children or even as adults, tend to score higher on the IQ scale than those who don’t. Although there is still a correlation for older ages as well, the trend is most obvious in children between the ages of four and six.

Numerous studies have been conducted on the topic. Many researchers have come to the consensus that learning an instrument benefits people in numerous ways. Compared to those who avoid using instruments, it aids in their ability to interpret and analyze information differently.

Staying In Shape

These Not-So-Obvious Characteristics Of Highly Intelligent People

According to some studies, intelligence can be increased in those with lower body mass indices (BMIs). Adult men and women can use the BMI, a measurement of body fat that is based on height and weight. According to the research, children who are more intelligent may go on to lead more prosperous lives financially than those who are less intelligent. What does being in shape have to do with that, though?

These people are able to better care for themselves by earning more money as they age. For instance, they can afford personal trainers or gym memberships. To maintain their peak performance levels, they are more inclined to pay a premium for healthier foods and have quality healthcare plans.

High Maintenance Minds

These Not-So-Obvious Characteristics Of Highly Intelligent People

Whether a person is extremely intelligent or not, their brains have a lot going on. It takes tremendous effort for us to keep our bodies running smoothly without even realizing it. However, those who are highly intelligent typically have more demanding minds.

They strain everything they already know by continuously ingesting and analyzing new information. When they are constantly learning new things, it is challenging to try and retain everything in their minds. Many intelligent people struggle with this problem.

Being the Eldest

These Not-So-Obvious Characteristics Of Highly Intelligent People

A fight is just waiting to happen here. You have a better chance of being smart if you have younger siblings. But don’t brag about that before you know more. Your genes have nothing to do with it. Simply put, until their younger sibling arrived, the older sibling received all of the adult attention.

As they became more conscious of their surroundings after that, they also had the experience of interacting with their sibling. The oldest child is always the first to try new things and learn from mistakes. They serve as role models for the younger children.

Having anxiety

These Not-So-Obvious Characteristics Of Highly Intelligent People

It’s not all good for smart people because those with higher IQs tend to be more anxious than those who are less intelligent. They might overthink things or become troubled by existential issues. It’s also common for people to worry about problems and circumstances that are beyond their control.

No matter how intelligent a person is, anxiety is unpleasant and has a variety of effects on many people. While those who are anxious have performed better on verbal intelligence tests, those who are not anxious have performed better on nonverbal intelligence tests.

Maybe That’s Why It’s Called The Ring Finger

These Not-So-Obvious Characteristics Of Highly Intelligent People

Since the ring finger may have something to do with a man’s loyalty in a relationship, the name “ring finger” seems ironic. Because he is more attractive, a man with a longer ring finger might be more likely to engage in promiscuity.

The men with longer ring fingers received higher scores than the ones with shorter fingers when a group of women were asked to rate the attractiveness of dozens of men. Another study found that men with longer ring fingers were more likely to compromise, smile, laugh, and listen well. Men with longer index fingers were thought to argue with their partners more frequently.


These Not-So-Obvious Characteristics Of Highly Intelligent People

Cat lovers exist. Some people love dogs. Only a few people truly adore both. Cat lovers rejoice as the passionate discussion over which animal makes the best companion continues. Owning a cat might be associated with a parent’s higher intelligence. Next time someone asks you why you love your cat so much, mention that.

These “cat people” may be more intelligent than their “dog people” counterparts, according to a 2014 study. This is most likely a result of the fact that they prefer to read at home and engage in other solitary pursuits. People who own dogs are typically outgoing and prefer spending time with others to staying home alone.

Height Matters

These Not-So-Obvious Characteristics Of Highly Intelligent People

Your intelligence may be affected by your height, which, depending on your height, may sound great or terrible. According to one study, a child’s height may indicate their intelligence even before they start attending school. Three-year-old children were used in the study’s research.

They discovered that those who were taller as children and adults outperformed their shorter peers on cognitive tests in a significant way. Don’t go calling yourself a genius just because you’re 6’5″ because being tall doesn’t necessarily make you smarter, but it may have some kind of mysterious effect on your intelligence.

What’s Your Number?

These Not-So-Obvious Characteristics Of Highly Intelligent People

The same study that found a correlation between a man’s argumentativeness and his index fingers also discovered one between his ring fingers and fertility. Similar studies found that men with longer ring fingers are four times more likely to be with a partner who has larger bust and hips, as well as a smaller waist, as well as outward signs of fertility.

According to a study from Oxford University, both men and women with longer ring fingers may be more likely to have more than one romantic partner. No one is advocating that you should measure your date’s fingers before committing, but there is a link between relationships and finger length.


These Not-So-Obvious Characteristics Of Highly Intelligent People

People with intelligence are frequently receptive to new information and discussion of contentious issues. They constantly strive to improve themselves because they don’t like to stagnate in any area of their lives. These people enjoy delving into subjects like politics and religion that may be taboo for others.

They enjoy taking part in discussions on those topics even though there isn’t necessarily a right or wrong side to be on. They enquire into matters that others won’t. They may be motivated to learn more and read more than most people because of this.

Finger Length

These Not-So-Obvious Characteristics Of Highly Intelligent People

People rarely examine the length of their fingers when looking at their hands; instead, they frequently focus on their fingernails. According to studies, people who have their index fingers shorter than their ring fingers were probably exposed to more testosterone as fetuses.

When it comes to mentally demanding 3D rotation tasks as adults, both women and men who possess this trait are, on average, better prepared. Although they were more likely to have ADHD, they were also known to have better physical and athletic abilities.

Challenges Welcome

These Not-So-Obvious Characteristics Of Highly Intelligent People

Many of us find challenges to be intimidating, but that’s the whole point. As long as there is a reward or sense of accomplishment at the end, intelligent people love challenges. They are uninterested in all of the ridiculous social media challenges that influencers have popularized.

Smart people take on and overcome various challenges. When faced with challenges in their personal or professional lives, they embrace them. They prioritize their issues and deal with them one at a time to make life simpler. Sometimes they are able to anticipate problems and make plans for them.

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Start Reading Young

These Not-So-Obvious Characteristics Of Highly Intelligent People

Trying to get your toddler to start reading at a young age could be beneficial. Early readers have a significant advantage over those who take longer to pick up the skill. It’s not surprising that there is a correlation because one of the best ways to increase intelligence is through reading.

Twins are frequently excellent research subjects because of their genetic similarity. A 2012 study on twins found that those who started reading earlier typically outperformed those who started reading later on cognitive, verbal, and nonverbal skills tests.

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