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8 Reasons Why You Should Get a Nursing Degree
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18 Reasons Why You Should Get a Nursing Degree Right Now

18 Reasons Why You Should Get a Nursing Degree Right Now

Not all medical jobs require years of education or thousands of dollars in debt. Some, such as nursing, can put you to work within a year. The good news is that nursing jobs are always available, pay is competitive, and the field is rapidly expanding. Finding the right program to help you get started in your new career is as simple as doing an online search.

Nursing is a rewarding profession that does not require years of schooling or student loans. Many of the best schools now offer low-cost online classes to help you get started right away.

1. You will always have a job.

It is not uncommon for industries to evolve and technology to replace people. However, no machine will ever be able to completely replace the human element of bedside care, so the risk is minimal. Nursing has a steady market, too, for a simple reason: people are always sick, and they need someone to help them get better. The nurse enters.

2. You’ll have a lot of choices.

There are different types of nurses, from the emergency room and pediatric nurses to oncology and travel nurses. Your office setting will be determined by the specialty you choose.

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3. Your schedule will be flexible.

18 Reasons Why You Should Get a Nursing Degree Right Now
Portrait Of Multi-Cultural Medical Team Standing In Hospital Corridor

This does not imply that you will not work hard. Nurses have demanding jobs that require a lot of energy — physically, mentally, and emotionally. Many nurses, on the other hand, can tailor their schedules to fit their needs. Nurses frequently work four days in a row before taking three days off.

4. Your skills will be highly sought after.

Nursing is a steady profession with no signs of slowing down. Several recent reports have confirmed this. According to US News, nursing is one of the most stable and secure jobs in 2018, with the US Bureau of Labor Projecting a 16 percent increase in nurse employment over the next six years. (To put it another way, now is the time to jump on board.)

5. You may not be required to pay back your student loans.

There are numerous student loan forgiveness programs available if you obtain your nursing degree. Applying for a job at a military hospital, a government facility, or the Peace Corps is your best bet.

6. You could travel around the world.

Travel nursing is a popular choice among nurses who want to work and live in different cities or even countries. It’s an excellent opportunity to gain both work and life experience.

7. Your life will be more fulfilling.

Nurses do important work that helps others live better, healthier lives. Because they know they’re making a difference in the world, many nurses report higher job satisfaction.

8. You can begin immediately from your computer.

Traditional nursing school is both costly and time-consuming. Applying for an online program to complete the basic coursework before beginning clinical work will put you ahead of the game.

9. You’ll Be More Marketable

Even for entry-level positions, more hospitals are requiring nurses to have a bachelor’s degree as the demand for nurses rises. Healthcare is changing; a greater emphasis is being placed on preventative care, and the complexity of the disease process keeps increasing. Your marketability will increase and you’ll be in a better position to get the job you want if you have a BSN.

Having a bachelor’s degree in nursing enhances your employability, even in hospitals without the BSN requirement. You’ll stand out from competitors who only hold an associate’s degree in nursing if you finish your BSN.

18 Reasons Why You Should Get a Nursing Degree Right Now

10. You’re a Leader at Heart

Nurse leadership is increasingly sought after by hospitals and other facilities in order to support the movement toward patient-centered care. According to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, BSN nurses are valued for their abilities to work in a variety of inpatient and outpatient settings as well as their critical thinking, leadership, case management, and health promotion skills.

The unique value that baccalaureate-prepared nurses bring to the practice setting is acknowledged by nurse executives, federal agencies, the military, top nursing organizations, health care foundations, magnet hospitals, and minority nurse advocacy groups.

The higher education obtained with a BSN fosters the development of critical thinking, which is essential for effective leadership. The communication skills that are taught at this level help BSN-educated nurses become excellent leaders. You’ll be studying a lot more than just clinical skills, in essence!

11. You Like the Thought of Better Benefits

Overall, nurses with a BSN have access to better pay for their work. Nurses with a bachelor’s degree typically have higher salaries and better benefits because they are a leader and an authority in their field. In 2014, Payscale.com research revealed that there was a nearly $30,000 wage gap between nurses with and without a BSN. You can put your money on that number right now!

Having more of a good thing doesn’t hurt, even though we are aware that pay and benefits aren’t the only motivations for earning a bachelor’s degree in nursing.

12. You’ll Be a Better Nurse

Evidence-based standards of care are more likely to be used and applied by nurses with a BSN. Additionally, studies show that hospitals with BSN-trained nurses have lower mortality rates, which translates to better overall care for patients.

18 Reasons Why You Should Get a Nursing Degree Right Now

13. The Sky’s the Limit With a BSN

Speaking of advanced skills, a BSN is a requirement if you want to advance in your career. It might be challenging to move beyond bedside care without it.

Many specialties demand a BSN or higher. You’ll also need to return to school if you want to pursue a career that calls for a master’s degree in nursing. (After all, an MSN is necessary for nearly all of the highest paying specialties.) You guessed it: a BSN is a requirement for entry into every nursing master’s program.

14. You Want Personal Enrichment

It’s simpler than ever to work while returning to school to earn your Bachelor of Science in Nursing, but that doesn’t make it any less challenging. You’ll frequently be balancing your current RN position, a family, and whatever remains of your personal life. It takes guts and grit to return to school to become a nurse, so when you can finally hold your diploma in your hands, it can feel pretty great. Sometimes we act in order to advance socially, and other times we act for our own fulfillment and personal enrichment. The latter can sometimes be worth more than gold.

15. A BSN Opens the Door to Non-Hospital Opportunities

Others find the idea of teaching, case management, informatics, or policy more appealing after they’ve spent a few years working at the bedside. Some nurses spend their entire careers in direct patient care positions and wouldn’t dream of doing anything else.

While the high-impact physical activity you engage in as part of your nursing duties may be acceptable to you right now, it might not be in five, ten, or fifteen years. Future non-clinical employment opportunities will become available to you if you earn a BSN, so you can choose between teaching and administration.

18 Reasons Why You Should Get a Nursing Degree Right Now

16. It Can Fit Within Your Schedule

Ever encounter a nurse who wasn’t extremely busy? We have not either.

Online learning has advanced significantly. You can continue working at your current position and spend more time with your loved ones. You don’t have to commute to the campus; you can complete your schoolwork whenever it works for you, wherever you feel most comfortable. What makes an online RN-BSN program so great? The coursework can be completed in your pajamas.

17. You Can Complete a Quality Program Quickly

Three semesters for a nursing bachelor’s degree? You read it correctly! While not all programs run that quickly, Joyce’s does.

And just because it’s quick, doesn’t mean we’re sacrificing quality or education. Our highly regarded nurse-led RN-BSN program equips nurses for a wide range of care. In fact, our Ph.D. nursing faculty played a significant role in our nursing program’s recent rankings as #1 in Utah and #25 nationally.

18. You Want to Further Contribute to the Nursing Profession

Even as a brand-new nurse, you already make a contribution to the nursing field. You most certainly don’t need a doctorate to do that! But a BSN is the way to go if you want to stake out a position and contribute to furthering definition or change in the rapidly changing field of healthcare through research, policymaking, or education of others.

Although nurses have always been the foundation of the healthcare system, this is only becoming more apparent as it evolves. You must continue your education if you want to influence how the nursing profession develops and have a say in it. Therefore, you must earn your BSN.

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