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Adobe Cloud: Details, Benefits and Controversies around it
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Adobe Cloud: Details, Benefits and Controversies around it

Adobe Cloud is actually a cloud-based service that is operated and designed by Adobe. By using it, users can access and log in to any creative applications offered by them at any moment they want. Also, users can share and connect with other users during their work period. And another interesting part is that these services are available for all types of Adobe creative products. But how do you operate and work with Adobe Cloud? Our blog will cover all the necessary information, services, working processes, and much more. So let’s start the article.

What is the Adobe Cloud?

Adobe creative cloud is a bunch of applications which are used for making and developing digital works and art. Also, many people said it was a suite of applications. Creative Cloud consists of Photoshop, Illustrator, fonts, Adobe Stock, creative libraries, and many more. If you have subscribed to Creative Cloud, they will allow you to download and install full versions of any program. Also, these applications have specialized mobile and web versions. Any user can easily store and sync the file and use it anytime they want.


Adobe Creative Cloud was first introduced in 2012 as a service where you have to pay to gain access to any kind of software offered by Creative Cloud. And it has become very popular amongst the professionals all over the world. But what was Adobe’s policy before the invention of the Creative Cloud? Actually, Adobe used its traditional policy of selling perpetual licenses to their users. In this process users need to buy the software for their lifetime by paying once. Then, with the development of new styles of selling creative products, Adobe switched to the subscription model and has since improved their software day by day.

Services Provided By Adobe Cloud

Some of the services that are provided as part of Adobe Creative Cloud include:

NoApplication NameRelease YearAvailability in Operating System
1Acrobat1993Windows. macOS, Android, iOS, web online
2After Effects1993-1994Windows. macOS
3Behance2006Android, iOS, web online
4Character Animator2015Windows. macOS
6Illustrator/ Illustrator Draw( For Mobile device)1985Windows. macOS, Android, iOS, web online
7Indesign1999Windows. macOS
8Photoshop1987Windows. macOS, Web Online


Adobe Creative cloud has so many amazing and user friendly packages. All of their plans are created for their specific types of consumers like individual people, small teams or business teams. Also you can choose the package according to your team size and specifications. Here are some categories of their package styles:

  1. Photography
  2. Applications(Single)
  3. All Applications Together
  4. All Applications Together + Adobe Stock

The controversy around Adobe Cloud: Service bugs and others

Adobe Creative Cloud

Creative cloud is a great place for creative workers and seekers. It is a service from Adobe. By using its softwares more than a million people and companies have become very successful. But like other big companies, Adobe creative has some controversies and drawbacks during these years. Most of them are bug, technical, range of price, various terms of their services and many more. As an example, firstly we can talk about 2013 change of terms occurrence. They changed the system of creative cloud in 2013 where users have to grant access to adobe during storage of their files. Many said that it will affect users’ personal security and privacy. But Adobe very strongly said that they never entered or accessed any user`s information without their permission.

Other issues that have been reported by users include frequent service outages, which can be frustrating for those who rely on the software for their work. There have also been complaints about bugs and other technical issues, as well as concerns about the high price of the service, particularly for those who only need to use certain features. Despite these controversies, Adobe Creative Cloud remains a popular and widely used service, with many satisfied customers. It is always important for users to carefully review the terms of service before signing up for any subscription-based service and to be aware of the potential risks and drawbacks.

That is all we get for Adobe cloud now. For more articles and blogs like this about Adobe Cloud, stay with our blog site. Thank You.

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