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Baby who catches the wind spoiler: Story of a Prophecy girl
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Baby who catches the wind spoiler: Story of a Prophecy girl

“Baby who catches the wind spoiler” is a creation of Han Riang. The story is based on a manga. There is no doubt that, if you are a fan of Japanese comics, you have heard of this genre. The story of this graphic novel is about a girl who has the power of prophecy. The main target of this blog is to discuss the story and how it may impact society. It is now time to begin.

Spoiler of this Manga Comic: Baby who catches the wind spoiler

Despite being penniless, the beautiful Linden family miraculously saves a red-hair baby who is about to die. As a newborn, she can’t talk or tell the Linden family how much she appreciates them. Only after this discovery does she realize that she sees weather signs on the tops of people’s heads, allowing her to reach out and touch them. After many things, she concluded that weather signs show how people feel about their relationships. She uses her unique ability to read other people’s love lives to show them how much she loves them.

Spoiler: Baby who catches the wind spoiler

Baby who catches the wind spoiler: Story of a Prophecy girl
Baby who catches the wind spoiler: Story of a Prophecy girl

Sun and Thunder above the head

The story begins with the sight of an abandoned and rejected baby girl crying at the corner of the street at the beginning of the story. Two young people see her. One of the girls intended to take care of her, but due to the issues with the police and everything else, they were unable to do so for an extended period. There is crying inside her mind to prevent her from being abandoned, as she had been in the past.

Afterward, we learn about her past life, where she was adopt by three families but was not treat well by any of them. The Tilias family adopted her after that. They treated her as if she were a queen. Everyone in the Family kept saying how adorable the baby hostage was. Then she discovers that everyone in this Family has a sun over their heads. And she wants to about these matters. Toward the end of the second scene, she sees a man with a Thunder above his head.

Tilias Attempts to find out about over-the-head sun

Baby who catches the wind spoiler: Story of a Prophecy girl
Baby who catches the wind spoiler: Story of a Prophecy girl

A baby, Tilias, then tries to learn about the realities of the sun and thunder. So, she meets new people and is always curious to know if they have the same power. Throughout her life, many problems, situations, and events occurred. She also said to her sister that – sister I am the queen in this life She observed that her new Family was becoming poor. Her love for her new Family results from their taking her from the streets. Make her the queen of the house. Therefore, she sought to become wealthy by finding a means to do so

Linden’s Family becomes rich.

Little Tilias is very excited when the Linden family becomes wealthy. Then, Linden began decorating their houses and fulfilling their dreams. Their expectations have been exceeded regarding the number of gold medals and coins they have received. The story continues, and she is still searching for an answer concerning the sun and Thunder. Nevertheless, Tilias has always wished to avoid the heavenly emperor and his Family.

Meet the Imperial Prince

It is well known that Tilas is 20 years old mentally. Her relationship with the emperor has developed into a close friendship. Later she met the Imperial Prince of the Etlad Empire. These two individuals are aware of the curse of hair and are determine to stop it this time. As well as solving the Linden family’s problems, they try to find other solutions.

It’s back: the curse of the red hair.

We have reached the point in history where the curse of red hair has returned. The entire city became anxious once more. Who is she? Tilias indeed has a partner this time, and this particular partner is very clever. They got her to say what she knew about the crime scene as they were looking for her.

Final Realisation

Baby who catches the wind spoiler: Story of a Prophecy girl
Baby who catches the wind spoiler: Story of a Prophecy girl

Ultimately, Tilias understands that, no matter what is happening in her previous life, she is now in a good family. It was awesome having her in the Family; she was nine years old. How do you feel about Tilias’ future? What do you think about it? What is your opinion as to whether everything will be alright or whether the curse of red hair still has something to unfold? There is a brief reference to this in the comic.

Strength and power of an amazing baby: Baby who catches the wind spoiler

In this story, the main character is a young girl who overcomes all obstacles and becomes successful with her new Family. She’s a victim of the curse even though she has great powers. There has been a curse affecting people for a long time. We also learn how to cope with a variety of difficulties in life from her. As the name implies, metaphors are figures of speech that use familiar objects or situations to describe something else. Writing can benefit greatly from metaphors. If you wish to clarify your point, you may use a metaphor. It is possible to use a metaphor to illustrate the similarity between something and another thing. The tool can also be use for make a comparison between two items.

Final Conclusion

That concludes today’s discussion. Thank you for reading our spoiler review of this amazing manga comic story. Stay tuned to our blog site for more articles like this. Thanks for reading.

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