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Red carpet pranks on celebrities: Our top choice from the archive

Red carpet pranks on celebrities: Our top choice from the archive

Red Carpet pranks have become one of the most common parts of these celebrity award shows. The red carpet becomes a showcase for some of the biggest shows, where stars of the entertainment sectors gather together and show their works. All the celebrities wear various and unique kinds of dresses, which make the weather on the red carpet more special. For these reasons, Red Carpet is considered the reunion of Celebrities from around the world.

This list includes some of our favourite red carpet pranks, and we’d love to hear your favourites too!

Amy Schumer’s savage reply: Red carpet pranks

Amy Schumer's savage reply: Red carpet pranks
Amy Schumer’s savage reply: Red carpet pranks

If you talk about a savage star who loves to reply from the mind without hesitation, Amy Schumer is one of them. She is always famous for her famous jokes and unique dresses. But on the 2016 Emmy Award stage, she broke all the hype and made her at the top of the list. As well as bringing up her dress designed by Vivienne Westwood, Schumer also mentioned her tampon designed by OB, another well-known designer. Also, she told other hilarious jokes in various shows and awards.

Rashida Jones talks about being called “Tan“: Red carpet pranks

Rashida Jones talks about being called "Tan": Red carpet pranks
Rashida Jones talks about being called “Tan”: Red carpet pranks

There’s no denying Rashida Jones’ attractiveness and sexiness. There’s something about her that attracts men of all ages. Award shows are also where she’s famous. It wasn’t until someone told her she looked tan that she got all the attention. She shocked the world with her replies, though. Nobody dares to mess with the Harvard Graduate after that.

Britney and Justin wear the same: denim on denim

It’s not uncommon to see couples in matching outfits. That’s also cool to see. But imagine some celebrities wearing the same brands at award shows like the American Music Awards. But it happened. At the 2001 American Music Awards, Britney and Justin wore the same jeans. Including Britney is still one of the funniest moments of award shows around the world. Her actual amusement was a 19-year-old couple’s amusing obsessions after a few years.

George Clooney and Ryan Gosling: Silly talking of the stars

For quite some time, George Clooney and Ryan Gosling have been two of the most well-known celebrities. Additionally, they are well popular for their funny acts at various award shows. He gets more attention whenever he talks about Ryan Gosling’s hair and clothes. This item demonstrates his silly and amusing side to the rest of the world.

Jerry Seinfeld refused a hug: Red carpet pranks

Most male and female superstars in the industry are interested in them and want to hug or flirt with them all the time. But there’s no denying Jerry Seinfeld’s savagery. He turned down a hug from pop music sensation Kesha. He said it on the red carpet. The entire room was shocked and confused about whether it was a joke or whether he did it since he didn’t know her. No matter what happens, this is one of the funniest red carpet-moments and red carpet pranks ever.

The leg that is on the trend as Meme: Angelina Jolie

Red Crapet Pranks

Angelina Jolie’s charms are nearly impossible to ignore, aren’t they? Angelina Jolie is always a favourite at award shows. Her favourite thing about these shows is how gorgeous and sexy she is. She looked stunning in her black gown and posed stunningly at the 84th Academy Awards. But what’s the problem? Jolie was in the photo posing with only one leg. People love using it all over social media now, and it’s became a meme.

Sacha Baron Cohen never breaks his character

Red Crapet Pranks

In 2012, Sacha Baron Cohen was among the most popular stars because of his fantastic work in “The Dictator.” A number of celebrities spoke with him at the 2012 Oscars, where he dressed as the dictator and walked the red carpet. When people see him, he looks really funny, and they laugh loudly when they see him. Red carpet moments like this are some of the funniest you will ever see.

DiCaprio gets an unwanted hug

Leonardo DiCaprio is currently the world’s most famous and eligible Hollywood star. Everyone loves talking, taking photos, taking selfies, or hugs with him. Unwanted hugs, on the other hand, are very embracing for everyone, whether he is a superstar or a regular man. But at the 2014 Santa Barbara Film Festival, he got an unexpected hug from a prankster. And it’s one of the funniest situations in “red carpet” pranks.

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