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Amadeus Mozart: Greatest composer of all time
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Amadeus Mozart: Greatest composer of all time

Amadeus Mozart is a great musician from Salzburg. People from all around the world love to hear his musical creations. Also his music makes him one of the influential characters in the entertainment sector. Around 600 pieces of music have been composed by Mozart. Some of his creations are Symphonies, operas, chamber, piano, violin and many more. Mozart also loves to do piano creations. All of his fans always want to know about his lifestyles, net worth, music, awards and so on. For them, our writers created this blog. So let’s start the blog.

Early Life of Amadeus Mozart

Wolfgang Amdeues Moazzrt was born on  27th January, 1756. From the early age of his life, his talents and spirit were visible to all. But it was not for him to survive this world. Mozart has started to earn money because of the poor condition of his family. He created and sold toys when he was only five years old. Mozart lived his life with many struggles and problems. One of the main reasons for this is his large family. Mozart have passed all the odds and become successful in the end.

Mozart’s father’s name is Leopord Mozart, and mother’s name is Annaa Maria. Mozart’s parents had seven children, but unfortunately, five of them were dead. Only Mozart and one of his elder sisters survived. Her name was Maria Mozart. His father taught him the basics of music and instrumental things. Mozart was so talented that he could learn more than his father thought.

Early Career of Amadeus Mozart

At the beginning of his career, which was at a very early age, he started to work as a court musician in Salzburg court. Then began to perform with a famous orchestra in France. After that, Mozart moved to Vienna and joined another renowned orchestra. There, he started to work as a pianist and started to get recognized as a good composer.

Impressive Career of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Amadeus Mozart

In his amazing career, he produced some greatest compositions and musical creations. Here is a list of his greatest creations:

1Symphony 1-13(Containing B,C,D,E,F,G major)1764-1771
2Symphonies in Various Major(Containing A,B,C,D,F,G major)1765-1771
3Symphony 14-30(Containing A,B,C,D,E,F,G)1771-1774
4Symphony 31-411778-1788

Piano Composition

1Piano Concerto 5-271773-1991
2Piano Concerto 1-41767

Violin Composition

1Violin Concerto 1-5 (Containing A,B,D,G)1773-1775
2Rondo Concerto B and C major1775-1781

Horn Concertos

1Horn Concerto 1-41783-1791

Serenades,Divertimenti and Marches Compositions

1Serenades 1-131769-1787
2Divertimenti 1-171771-1780
3Marches  1769-1780

Dance Compositions

1Minuet(18 in total)1779-1791
2Contra Dance(18 in total)1776-1791
3Allemande(10 in total)1787-1991

Church Sonata

1Church Sonata(1-17)1772-1780

Relationships and Married Life of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Amadeus Mozart
1Constanze Weber1782-1791
2Sophie Weber1781
3Aloysia Weber1777


1Raimund Leopod
2Karl Thomas
3Johann Thomas
4Theresia Constanzia
5Anna Maria
6Franz Xaver

Legacy of Amadeus Mozart

“Legacy” is a word that often evokes images of wealth and luxury. What if, though, I told you there was a composer who left behind a history that lasted far beyond his lifetime? It would be more appropriate to state that he left behind a legacy that will continue to exist for a significant amount of time after his passing.


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